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Paris Adrift by Vanda – Cover and Blurb Reveal

Are you ready for a sneak peek of Paris Adrift, the third novel in the ‘Juliana’ series, by Vanda? I am! I did an interview with Vanda a couple of weeks ago, here on my blog. At the time, Juliana, the … Continue reading

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Vanda Rules! An Interview with the Author of Juliana

I’m talking today with Vanda, the author of the Juliana series, which takes the reader through the decades of modern LGBT history.  So far, she has published two books in the series: Juliana, Book 1: 1941-1944 and Olympus Nights on the … Continue reading

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Opera House Ops Series Issue Fixed

I goofed, again. What else is new, right? I was uploading the 7th episode of Opera House Ops all of 10 minutes before I started writing this (it releases Friday, the 30th) and feeling frustrated because Amazon isn’t showing the … Continue reading

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Updates, Updates!

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been lax in paying attention to the usability of this site and in letting readers know where they can buy my books. This weekend, I remedied that. Instead of listing all of my … Continue reading

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5 Quick Tips About Kindle Unlimited for Authors

Four months ago, I wrote this post: On Self Publishing: Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned…So Far. A lot of that was cheerleader type stuff and cautions about social media do’s and don’ts. I did mention however that new authors should start … Continue reading

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Cozy Mystery? Yeah or Nay?

I had an argument with an author friend the other day about cozy mysteries versus…well, everything else when it comes to my books. Cozy’s typically have a murder that happens off the page and/or that isn’t violent in appearance – … Continue reading

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On Reading – Forgetting What You’ve Read

There’s a photo meme going around on Facebook that has a great deal of truth in it:   I do this! I read something that’s part of an ongoing series, rave about it, profess that I can’t wait for the … Continue reading

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