Short Stories

Anne likes to write short stories, a practice that she started in high school after encouragement from two different English teachers. She let go of the art form after school, during a tour of duty in the Army but then revisited it for a short time during her college years, after her military service. After college, life got in the way and Anne didn’t write anything fictional at all for some time.

Life is still in the way – always – but Anne is compelled to write. It’s a passion she doesn’t feel at all guilty indulging.

When she started writing again, a half dozen years ago, it was the short story she turned to first; a fan fiction story, to be exact. That story, based on the two most popular characters in the 1980’s television sitcom, ‘The Facts of Life’, has never seen the light of day…and it probably never will. Anne talks about that story here.

The story was the spark. She’s gone on to write multiple novellas and full-length novels and she’ll continue to do that but the short story form continued to beckon to her. She finally decided to answer its call.

Loving Blue in Red States

LBRS Short Stories Series Book Cover - TexasA minimum ten story romance series (some sweet, some hot), released over time, authored by Anne and by other contributing lesfic authors about living and loving as lesbians and queer women in areas of the United States where gay isn’t okay.

The series kicked off in mid-April 2017 with the semi-sweet short story, Loving Blue in Red States: Sweetwater Texas. The second short story in the series, Birmingham Alabama, was released in mid-May and Jackson Hole Wyoming was released in late May. Two other stories followed over the summer, Perryville Missouri and Salt Lake City Utah. Savannah Georgia was released in May of 2018 and Wall South Dakota in June.

Each of the individual stories are available on Amazon. The Loving Blue in Red States Collection, featuring the first five stories is available at Amazon and at all other major eBook retailers including Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Smashwords and more