Loving Blue in Red States – Birmingham Alabama

The second short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series, Birmingham Alabama is now out. ‘Birmingham’ has a new adult focus featuring the story of early twenty-something lesbians, Isabella and Aslyn as they navigate the issues of race, feminism, homophobia, education and career in the cradle of the 1960s era Civil Rights Movement. For a limited time, it is exclusive to Amazon and free via Kindle Unlimited.

The blurb for Birmingham Alabama:

LBRS Series Birmingham Alabama CoverWhat’s out there for a young, bi-racial, lesbian woman in Birmingham, Alabama, the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement?

 Isabella is young, in love and she thinks she has it all. As a mechanic trained in high school, where being a female in the classroom was accepted, to doing the same job in the Air National Guard where it is too and getting her tuition to aviation tech school paid for by the Guard, she’ s got it made…or does she? She figures she’s well on her way to working on jets like she’s always wanted to and living the life she’s dreamed of. Her boss in her day job at the Air Base sees things a little differently, however, and he’s just waiting for her to screw up.

Aslyn makes no apologies for being black, out and proud. Nursing is her chosen vocation but women’s rights are her passion. She sees Birmingham as a city on the brink of an all new civil rights movements and she wants to be right in the middle of it all. Her family disagrees with that, with her sexual preference and especially with her choice of a girlfriend.

Will a riot ruin it all for the two young lovers?

“That’s not what Birmingham stands for.” ~ Sondra Williams

Birmingham Alabama is the second story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater Texas. Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series in the future.

Get Birmingham Alabama now, at Amazon for the Kindle and free via Kindle Unlimited.

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Quick Updates on The Turkey Tussle and Loving Blue

Hey all, I’m hard at work over here in Ohio on an all new lesfic romance mini-series that kicks off real soon…maybe even tomorrow. It’s called, Loving Blue in Red States. Please stay tuned for that. And, if you’re on my mailing list, watch for a chance to get the first story free. Not on the list? Now’s your chance. Check out the annoying popup that should be covering most of your screen about now if you’re reading this on the website or you can fill in the signup box in the sidebar on the right.

In the meantime, I made a little change. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how bad the cover for the 9th Morelville Mystery, The Turkey Tussle was. It just looked washed out, and not in a good way. It was too flat. Here’s the change.

The Turkey Tussle Book CoverPretty basic isn’t it? But, guess what? It screams the story in a way the original cover did not. I like it so much better and I hope you do too.

If you haven’t read The Turkey Tussle yet, give it a shot. You’ll get a little of Faye’s family history and you’ll get to spend some time with most of the usual cast of characters from Morelville and its surrounds.



Now, as for my other project, I’d like to introduce the:

Loving Blue in Red States series

It’s a lesfic romance, short story series that kicks off with a story set in Sweetwater, Texas. What a great name for a place for a romance to be set, eh?

Sweetwater is going to drop on Amazon exclusively for the Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (for now) any second now. Get on the newsletter bandwagon if you want to get it free. Here’s the blurb:

LBRS Series Book Cover - TexasWhat’s it like to live and love blue in ruby red west-central Texas?

Emmie Warren is a middle school teacher who is just trying not to rock the boat until she can finish her Master’s Degree and find the courage to move herself and her son away from sleepy Sweetwater to diverse, vibrant Austin, the only place in Texas where she ever felt free to be herself. She’s been hiding her truth for years. She doesn’t see any reason to change before she can make a clean break of things and start over.

Cass Prater is a brash cowgirl who lives life out loud, wherever she lives. She clashes with Emmie the minute they meet. It’s a battle of wills from there, on. She’s as determined to show Emmie she can have it all: her family, a mate and a job that she loves, right there, in the heart of Texas.

Sweetwater Texas is the first story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series in the future.


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Healing Embrace the Sequel to Broken Women is Out

Just call me a slacker! I know I’ve been promising the release of Healing Embrace, the sequel to Broken Women (but stand alone novel) since October or thereabout. Life gets in the way sometimes. It’s out now. Right now, as of today. You can get it immediately at Amazon, Kobo and Inktera. Other outlets are being added by the hour.

Over the next few days, watch for it at Apple (iBooks), Barnes & Noble (Nook), GooglePlay (Android devices), Page Foundry, Tolino, Scribd, the Smashwords Store and just about everywhere you buy your eBooks. New outlets are being added all the time.

If you enjoy your lesfic romance novels in paperback form, You’ll have to wait two more weeks or so…not long. The print edition is in the works.

The synopsis for Healing Embrace (just in case you’ve never seen it before):

Healing Embrace CoverBarb and Janet were a couple…and then they weren’t. What now?

They started a tentative relationship that led to sex a little too soon. Both shied away but their friends knew the two women belonged together. Their friends conspired to put them together in a neutral place where they could talk it out and it worked.

They talked. They started slow, with actually dating the second time around…but now what? They’ve both been shattered by love lost. They’re both wary of getting deeply involved again. It doesn’t help matters any when Barb’s focus gets drawn away from her own happiness to tend to the needs of others.

Janet tries to be understanding of Barb’s need to be there for her family. She knows she loves the fiercely independent blonde but she’s not so sure they belong together in a committed, long-term sort of way, especially when her attempts to lend a hand from time to time seem to bring out more ire than gratefulness.

Barb’s dad and his health problems have her feeling years older than she already is. When she looks at the only slightly younger Janet, she sees the exuberance and inexperience of youth. She loves the curvy cop with her heart on her sleeve but she’s afraid the younger woman too often leaps before she considers all of the consequences.

What will it take to convince the two women that their personalities complement each other and that they’re a good match?

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Finally: The Turkey Tussle is Here!

I know; I’ve been ‘slacking’ for months! I’m happy to say, at long last, the 9th Morelville Mystery, The Turkey Tussle, is finally here. This latest installment of my lesfic romantic mystery series continues the saga of Mel and Dana and the Crane and Rossi families and their assorted friends and neighbors in an all new…mess.

What’s The Turkey Tussle all About?

This one’s going to take you back and forth in time as Dana unearths an unsolved murder in village lore that directly involved her mother-in-law Faye’s family before Faye ever married Jesse. If you’ve been following along at home with Dana’s entry into the Crane family, you know it hasn’t always been a smooth transition…especially when it comes to Faye. Will Dana’s efforts to solve a cold case make it even worse for her? You’ll have to read the book and see.

Here’s the ‘official’ synopsis:

The old-fashioned country village of Morelville Holds a secret; a secret that could tear Faye’s family apart.

The Turkey Tussle Book CoverFaye Crane has the perfect life as a homemaker, farmer’s wife and grandmother…or she did until her daughter-in-law Dana went and stirred up a mysterious murder, never resolved and long buried in the Lafferty family lore – before Faye ever became a Crane. Now she’s been reminded of some startling questions about her families past that she’s not sure she wants to know the answers to.

Dana knows to tread lightly around Faye. Their relationship is far from perfect but she just can’t help herself. She’s certainly intrigued by the unsolved case. The down to earth, gentle residents of the village are more than happy to fill her in on all of the old gossip too. She even gets an education in oil drilling and backroom poker along her way to trying to clear the Lafferty family name and bring some closure to her mother-in-law. The question is, can she figure it all out? And, if she does, will the Lafferty’s and the Crane’s be better off or far worse?

This book is great together with Books 1-8 of The Morelville Mysteries series to get all the Dana and Sheriff Mel (and their extended families) back story but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.

The Turkey Tussle is available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook and, for a limited time, free via Kindle Unlimited at: The Turkey Tussle: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 9


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Smashwords Read an eBook Week Sale

Smashwords is having an eBook sale and you’re invited. At midnight Pacific Time tonight, March 4th, 2017, thousands of eBooks go on sale at Smashwords for ‘Read an eBook Week’. The sale runs through next Saturday, March 11th. All of my books will be free or on sale for 50% off on the site with availability in multiple formats like .mobi for Kindle eReaders and software, ePub for most other eReaders, PDF, plain text and more.

Smashwords Sale Banner

Click on the graphic or on this Anne’s eBooks on Smashwords link and check them out. The first book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, Relic: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 1 is free, as always. The benefit to getting started on the series this week is, Book 2, Busy Bees, normally $.99 is also free all week!

Have those two books already? All the rest in the series – there are six more (so far) – are just $1.50 each! Even better; there are two, four-book boxed sets available this week only for just $2.00 bucks a set. You can own all eight of the Morelville Mysteries series books featuring Sheriff Melissa ‘Mel’ Crane and Special Agent Dana Rossi for just $4.00 bucks for any device you own.

What about the cozies? Will they be on sale?

Wait, it gets better! This sounds like a sales pitch but I’m being serious here. There’s a spin-off mystery series for cozy mystery fans, The Morelville Cozies. It features meddling moms Faye Crane and Chloe Rossi in adventures of their own. The first book in that series, the Halloween themed, The Passed Prop, will be free all week and Book 2, Opera House Ops will be only $1.50. And yes, Mel and Dana make appearances in both books but, trust me, you’re going to love their moms.

And the one, lonely romance novel? Is that on Smashwords?

Finally, I have a romance out there, Broken Women, featuring two minor characters from the main mystery series that stands completely alone from it. Some people have only read that because they don’t even like mysteries. It’s on sale too for only $1.50 all week.

There’s nowhere else you can go and buy all 11 of my books for just $7.50…nowhere! And, while you’re there saving so much money, you can pick up more great books on sale by other authors. It’s a win for me, you and them.

Need that link again? It’s Anne’s eBooks on Smashwords.

Thank you for your support and Happy ‘Read an eBook Week!’




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Status Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Life gets in the way sometimes. Due to an unexpected medical issue and then an unfortunate car accident, my boss at my ‘day job’ has had a tough go of it for the last month or so and I’ve been working a lot of extra hours, as a result. That situation looks like it will continue through most of March. Prayers or best wishes for her speedy recovery – whichever you do – would be very much appreciated. At this point I’d just like to give you a status update on what you can expect to see soon or in the not too distant future:

1. Opera House Ops

Opera House Ops Book CoverThe second book in the Morelville Cozies, cozy mystery series is, as of yesterday, done with Kindle Unlimited…sort of. The full book is but if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it in 10 individual episodes through that program. I’m working on making it available on multiple sites so you can look for it at your favorite eBook retailer in the next week to two weeks.

For links, check the Opera House Ops page at this link.

2. The Turkey Tussle

The Turkey Tussle CoverThe latest book in the Morelville Mysteries lesfic mystery/romance series, The Turkey Tussle (Book 9) was supposed to be out in November…then January…then mid-February. Between work and a bit of a rewrite in the middle to introduce another suspect and move some key events around, it got off a little off track…Okay, more than a little. I expect it to be out in the next two weeks. Better late than never, right? Watch this space!

3. Healing Embrace

Healing Embrace CoverThe whole idea around Healing Embrace, a sequel of sorts to my first lesfic romance, Broken Women, was to have it out by Valentine’s Day. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The status update on that? Given my likely work schedule, we’re probably looking at a late March or early April release. That pushes the release of a third Morelville cozy back but the first draft of Healing Embrace is done and the 2nd draft is more than half completed. The third cozy is still in the planning stages.

4. Wide and a Bookbub

Relic: The Morelville Mysteries - Book 1As I mentioned above, all of my books are available on all sites right now. My plan going forward is to release new books to Amazon exclusively for 90 days (with a few exceptions) and then to make them available from all e-retailers/eBook vendors after that. Everything I’ve published to date is available everywhere eBooks are sold with the exception of Opera House Ops, as I noted above and that’s in process.

Some vendors pick up a new book in hours, some take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve managed to secure a listing with the famed/vaunted Bookbub email newsletter. It runs TOMORROW! They’ll be promoting the 1st book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, Relic which is FREE everywhere (except on Amazon international sites but I’m working on that. You don’t have to wait for Bookbub. Instead, you can get it now, if you like, at any number of sites by choosing your preferred provider here. You say you don’t get the Bookbub newsletter? You’re missing out on tons of free and discounted books in any genre you follow. Browse Bookbub here and/or sign up to get the daily email. You can click the big red button on the lower right of this page to follow me on Bookbub and you’ll get news of all my new releases.

5. Email List

I finally started an email list. You can sign up on the annoying popup that covers 2/3rds of your screen about 10 seconds after you come on the site or you can do it in the right-hand column. I promise freebies and inside track information for list members and chances to do things like beta read before anyone else ever sees my stuff are coming in the near future if you’ll just sign up. I also promise no spam and never to rent or sell the list. You have my word.

I’ve got some all new stuff planned for this summer and fall…I just have to get through the next 4 weeks at work first. In the meantime, I promise a status update and sneak peeks at upcoming releases a lot more often than every 4-6 weeks!

Stay warm…or cool, depending where you are in the world right now and, as always, thanks for reading!

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For Self Published Authors: Going Wide

‘Going Wide’ is a hot topic among self-published authors. Some put all of their book eggs in the Amazon basket and hope sales and page reads through Kindle Unlimited (KU) keep on coming. Others spread their work around, trying to find an audience and sell books wherever they can.

Article LogoThere are benefits to staying safe and staying exclusive to Amazon, for sure. I contend that for an author with only one or two books out – that have been out for a while – and for authors with a reasonable backlist of titles, going wide and capturing a little piece of the nearly 60% of online book buyers in the world who don’t turn to Amazon automatically (or can’t because it’s not an option where they live), going wide is the better option.

Lots of self-published authors will tell you they tried going wide and it didn’t work out for them. Dig deeper and you’ll find they tried it with one or two books for a month or so, saw few to no sales and so they scurried back to the safety of Amazon.

“Going Wide” as a practice and making it work takes time to build – 4-6 months time, I’m finding (without funding major ad campaigns). I don’t rely on my writing as my only source of income so I can afford to be a little patient. If you can’t afford to take some eggs out of Amazon’s basket and wait on them to ‘hatch’, so to speak, the rest of what I’m going to say probably isn’t for you.

So, how did I begin going wide?

I started with my now freebie book, Relic, Relic: The Morelville Mysteries - Book 1the first book in what is an 8-book (soon to be 9-book) mystery/romance series and one romance, Broken Women, from my backlist that didn’t do so well in 6 months on Amazon. It had a few dozen sales, 20,000 or so page reads and then nothing. I priced both books at $2.99 when I took them wide. Relic, I later made permafree. I also created a couple of boxed sets that aren’t available on Amazon. One was of the first 4 books in the mystery series with a special 5th book not available anywhere but in that set and the other set I made more recently. It includes the last 4 books in the mystery/romance series.

Broken Women Book CoverI listed those first two single titles at Barnes & Noble for the Nook and at Kobo directly and then I listed them and the first set with Smashwords (after much gnashing of teeth and fighting my way through the ‘meat grinder’ – their word for their formatting checker)

The first couple of months, I sold a couple dozen books/sets directly off Smashwords, a few at Barnes and Noble and one at Kobo…only a thin trickle in a revenue sense. Now, several months in, having listed everything in my catalog that was at least 6 months old and using multiple aggregators, I’m gaining traction. (I still have a couple things direct with B&N and Kobo but I have lots of stuff at those two retailers and at others through aggregators Draft2Digital (D2D) and Smashwords. Sure, I gave up a little of my royalties by not listing directly but it was much less of a headache at both listing time and tax time.

Adding on New Players:

Three to four months ago I added the aggregator Streetlib (which covers GooglePlay and Overdrive for me and much of Western Europe) and a few weeks ago I added the aggregator PublishDrive (to cover Eastern Europe and Asia).

The thin trickle of sales I started with is now running a lot more steadily from D2D and Smashwords. I’m starting to see sales from Streetlib too. It’s early yet on PublishDrive but lots of authors love them too.

My strategy going forward is to put most of my new books into Amazon’s Kindle Select for one 90 day period to take advantage of KU and then to take them wide.

My Process Now to Go Wide:

Feel free to use any or all of this. A lot of trial and error led me to this process that I can now perform well inside of an hour and cover hundreds of reseller sites.

Please note: Signing up at U.S. based aggregators D2D and Smashwords is simple; no harder than signing up for the Amazon KDP program. It’s only slightly more involved to sign up for the other two unless you’re actually in Europe, then it’s a bit more difficult because you have to answer to VAT issues.

  • First, I scrub my MS Word document of any links to Amazon or references to them. That’s a no-no with most other sites, especially for Apple iBooks. You can link to book pages on your own site.
  • I start my ‘wide’ listings with D2D because they have the easiest formatting process. You can upload your MS Word file to their site and, in a minute or so, it converts it and then you can download and view your book as an ePub, Mobi and a PDF file. the PDF is easy to look at and figure out what you need to fix to make it look exactly like you want it. You can upload and download the proofs until everything is the way you want it.

Draft2Digital Logo - Going Wide with D2D

Once everything looks good, I download and save all three of the proof files. The PDF comes in handy for CreateSpace (paperback) publication/corrections and the ePub has multiple uses, as you’ll see. I select all of the vendors D2D offers (except Amazon, of course) and have them upload to them. This includes Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, Page Foundry, 24 Symbols, Scribd and more.

I leave D2D open when I load to Smashwords, Streetlib and PublishDrive so I’ve got the same descriptions, keywords and so forth to use across all vendors.

  • I take the ePub D2D generated for me and I load that to Smashwords (bypassing their meatgrinder entirely). Once Smashwords approves the ePub for their premium catalog (making it available to libraries), I upload my Word file to get all of the other formats there like text, Mobi, PDF, etc. I unselect Amazon and every other vendor at Smashwords that I chose from D2D and I also unselect OverDrive there because they can’t get it into the same part of the OverDrive subscription catalogs that two other aggregators, Streetlib and PublishDrive can. Smashwords Logo - Going Wide with Smashwords

Once yo have those two nailed down, you’re half way there in terms of aggregators and you’ve covered most of the biggest/most active markets. You could stop there but you’d be missing out on GooglePlay, Overdrive and some long term plays for other English language readers.

The Other Two Aggregators You Need if You’re Really Serious About Going Wide:

  •  Streetlib is a company based in Italy. Don’t worry, they now have a U.S. office, they have team members who speak fluent English and their customer service is top notch. They also pay correctly and on time, every time.

You can upload your Mobi or ePub file from D2D with them. They convert it to all of the formats they need but most of their vendors use one of those two. I make sure that I unselect Amazon and any other vendors there that were already covered by the previous two aggregators (only 10-12). I do make sure I’m covered at Streetlib for GooglePlay and OverDrive. They cover lots of small, western Europe vendors that D2D and Smashwords don’t touch.

Streetlib Logo - Going Wide with StreetlibThere’s one little thing with Streetlib; you have to put their logo on your cover. It doesn’t have to be big but it has to be there. That takes me seconds to add to a cover now in Canva or PicMonkey. I skip out to one of those two sites and do that before I even try and load it to Streetlib and then I just save it in my ‘Covers’ picture file as ‘Book Title Cover SL’.

  • At PublishDrive, you simply upload an ePub and your cover. They find your metadata from the ePub so some of the rest of your work is done for you. You just have to fill in a few things and it’s all on one simple page. If you’ve still got D2D open, you’ll breeze through it. PublishDrive Logo - Going Wide with PublishDrive

The nice thing about PublishDrive is that you only ever pick your vendors once. You don’t have to do it for every book with them like you do with Smashwords and Streetlib. You can just take out the ones you’ve already got covered. They’re based in Budapest, Hungary and they offer a wide range of eastern European online resellers. They also have some Asian ties to include a recently inked deal with a major reseller in China.

Closing Thoughts:

I’ve had to be patient but I’ve now replaced what I’ve lost taking my books out of Kindle Select. Frankly, most were no longer selling more than a copy or two a month. They were just getting borrows/page reads and not at a rate of a few books a month. Now they generate sales that pay significantly better than the KU page reads did. With a little more time (especially for Streetlib and PublishDrive) and a little advertising effort on my part, that will improve.

Amazon is the biggest player in the U.S. for eBook sales at 71% of the market (AuthorEarnings Report) but worldwide they account for less than 40% of all eBook sales to English speaking buyers and buyers who buy eBooks in English as a 2nd language. Why would you not want to try going wide and tap more than half of the eBook market? Publishing houses – from the smallest to the largest – don’t neglect 60+% of the market, why should we?

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Are You Using RetailMeNot?

Can I just say that I love RetailMeNot, the ‘coupon’ website? If you shop online – for anything – and you don’t use it but you like saving money, you’re missing out. No, this isn’t a commercial for them, I’m just a satisfied customer…and I don’t even have an account with them! I just check the site before I make a purchase and they seem to be able to save me money every single time.

Two recent examples:

  1. Tax Software – I do our taxes for us, for my author business and for our haunted house business. Tax software is expensive, especially for more than the basic version. To buy H&R Block’s software – what I normally use – Block offered an early bird special back in December that made it 30% off. RetailMeNot got me another $15.00 off of that.
  2. Dragon NaturallySpeaking PremiumVoice Recognition Software – Due to factors beyond my ability to control, it’s getting harder and harder to find the time to sit down and type yet, I’ve set a very aggressive publishing schedule for myself for this year. I’m already falling behind. The version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have works great but it can’t transcribe from a recording. The version I need now (pictured) that can transcribe from recordings I make retails for $149.99 US. You can get it on sale lots of places, including from Nuance (the manufacturer) for $99.00. eBay sellers have it unopened but in damaged boxes for $50-75. Using RetailMeNot, I got it from a very reputable online retailer for $39.99 delivered to me! That’s $110 below full retail and $59.01 below just about everyone else online aside from eBay sellers.

You don’t have to sign up to get the RetailMeNot newsletter. You can just use the site to save some money and go on your merry way. If you shop a lot online, sign up. I hear they offer lots of deals to more committed customers than me. Personally, I don’t need the temptation to be shopping because I should be writing but that’s my thing. They do, by the way, offer coupon codes for bookstores…

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Lesfic Party Today for Authors and Readers

New year, new books! Lesfic is growing and we’re throwing a party to celebrate. Join me and several other authors and readers on Facebook today for a Lesfic Party. The party starts at 1:00 Eastern time and ends at 11:00 PM. You can join in anytime you’re available throughout the afternoon and evening and chat with some of your favorite authors and other lesfic readers.

So Who’s Coming to this Lesfic Party?

Lesfic Party for Authors And Readers

On the author side, Isabella kicks us off at 1:00, as you can see. She’s followed by Annette Mori at 2:00 and yours truly at 3:00 and then there’s a whole slate of talented ladies to follow well into the evening.

There will be questions flying both ways between all of the authors and the readers, contests, games and GIVEAWAYS. Most of the authors (if not all!) are giving away copies of their books. I’ll have eBooks and a paperback or two to give away. Rumor has it there will be some gift cards up for grabs too!

Everyone is invited. Tell your friends who enjoy lesfic and give them the link to join us. Here it is in all its ugly old hyperlink form for you to share fare and wide: https://www.facebook.com/events/1306543452749734/?active_tab=about.

I hope to see you at the party! As always, thanks for reading!


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Paperbacks are Now Available

As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve been doing a lot of admin and detail work so I can spend 2017 WRITING. I didn’t do nearly as much of that as I would have liked to in 2016.

So, What’s Up?

I’ve made multiple updates to this site. I’d still like to change the template – the way it’s laid out – entirely but, for now, it’s a bit more user-friendly than it was in the past.

Secondly, I’ve taken a few more of my digital books ‘wide’ to other vendor sites (besides Amazon) as they’ve come out of the Kindle Select Program. By the end of February, all of my older books should be out of the program and available on all sites. An eight book boxed set of The Morelville Mysteries will still be available via Kindle Unlimted (KU). Other boxed sets of my other work will be forthcoming as well for bargain purchases and in the KU program.

Hannah's Hope Book Cover Finally, I’ve also gotten in touch with my go-to cover designer and had him design five full wrap covers for the books that were not yet in paperback. I really slacked on that. They should have all been released in paperback from the start but, I’m fixing that.

Everything is out there now except for Hannah’s Hope, the most recent Morelville Mystery. There was some glitch with the way the cover renders for the printer. They’re telling us that text gets cut off because it’s too close to the edge of the cover. The eBook cover is to the left. Nothing there should be a problem and there’s nothing at all unusual about my designer’s spine or back cover designs. Neither of us can figure out what they’re talking about so they’re ‘investigating’. Stay tuned for that one.

Future books will be released in paperback along with or very shortly after their digital releases.

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