Cutlass Cadaver: The Morelville Mysteries Book 13

In the latest installment of the Morelville Mysteries series, Sheriff Mel Crane faces dual mysteries threatening her family and her career.

Cutlass CadaverCalled to investigate a body found in her brother-in-law’s long lost classic car, Mel digs in to ID the victim and find his killer. Then a family spring break trip turns deadly when Mel’s nephew is accused of murdering a young woman at a haunted house convention.

Using her seasoned investigative skills, Mel uncovers scandalous secrets and puts herself at risk to protect her family and close both cases. But the job is taking an increasing toll, making Mel question how much longer she can continue as sheriff.

For now, justice won’t wait – and Mel won’t rest until the truth is revealed. But the challenges are mounting, forcing Mel to ask herself what matters most – her career or her family?

With two shocking murder mysteries to untangle, only Mel can uncover the cold-blooded killers and bring closure to the victims’ families. But her own family may need her even more in this gripping new tale of secrets, lies, and murder.

This book is great together with Books 1-12 of The Morelville Mysteries but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.

Where to buy Cutlass Cadaver:

‘Cutlass Cadaver’ is available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook and in paperback. It’s also available via Kindle Unlimited. You can get it on Amazon with this link:

Cutlass Cadaver