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What Do You Think of Intentional Serials?

Prior to becoming an eBook author, I read a lot of of other eBooks about publishing and marketing my work. I’ve continued to do this. I started reading a book last night that I’d downloaded to my iPad some time ago that I just never got around to. It’s about publishing sets of books and marketing the sets at a much lower price than what you would charge for the individual books in the set – much lower. There is a method to the authors madness and, on his overall theme, I don’t disagree with him or with his sales results.

One of the things the author advocates he applies to both non-fiction and¬†fiction writers – novelists specifically – alike. That’s breaking up your subject matter into segments for separate books. That has its merits for non-fiction but he’s advocating breaking a novel up into three or more novellas or a series of short stories, like a serial, rather than just offering a set of three or more full length novels.

He professes that breaking his own novels up and selling the individual pieces as serials (giving the first two parts away to most and the first part away to all) and then selling the complete series of shorts as a set works very well for him. I wonder though how readers really feel about this type of offering. Are there any thoughts on the topic?

If you’re interested, the book I’m referring to is Jamie Bell’s Kindle book, Kindle Book Money 4, available at Amazon. The link is not an affiliate link. I won’t make any¬†money from it.

Any thoughts? Would you break your novels up into serials if you thought it would help you to sell more books?