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We’re Going to Start a Haunted House – Round 3

I haven’t been getting a lot of writing done for the past week; not book writing, anyway. I wrote part two of this post on July 29th. Since that time, the community that we live in still hasn’t experienced the turn over to our community foundation of the former school building. My wife, in her zeal to have a haunted house this year, started asking around and got the juices fired up in a few people.

My niece, God love her, talked to her boss at the restaurant she works at in our little village who also owns a motocross track in a just slightly bigger village. The track is part of an ‘MX Park’ that includes an indoor riding facility in a massive (16,000 square foot) pole barn. He runs smaller motocross bikes inside from late November until early March or so. He’d given thought to running a haunted house in the building when a friend of his asked him about it for some friends of his but, he drug his feet and found them unwilling or unable to jump fast when he finally approached them about it. We jumped right on it.

Sunday our new business partner temporarily leveled his track. Track - Before ImageThe haunt is on for Hagan’s House of Horrors! We’d moved props in on Thursday but Sunday made it all real – finally – and we started moving construction materials in. We’re getting ready to roll on the build and really scare some people come fall! There’s a ton of work ahead of us but we have some enthusiastic fright fans ready and willing to help out.

We have a website up and a Facebook page. If you’re a horror fan, we’d love it if you’d check them out and, if you’re in or near the little town of Martinsburg in North Central Ohio on a weekend in October, come and see us!