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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of the Morelville Mysteries Full Circle Collection

Welcome to all the new readers of The Morelville Mysteries series who found the first four books in the series as a result of a Bookbub newsletter promotion. I’m happy you’ve chosen to pick up this starter set to the series. I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Please note: The mysteries in the books you just picked up via Bookbub stand alone but the characters in the stories grow and change over the course of the entire series. It’s best to read these books in order. Please check the ‘Books‘ page on this site for links to the descriptions of each book.

The Morelville Mysteries: Books 5-8There are actually nine books available in this series. A second set, consisting of books five through eight, Viva Mama Rossi!, A Crane Christmas, Mad for Mel and Hannah’s Hope, is also available for the low price of $4.99. That’s a significant savings off the typical $3.99 price for each of those books. If you’re interested in getting them too and saving a little money in the process, click here for a universal link to buy them wherever eBooks are sold. Don’t see your favorite retailer? Check with them directly. I’ve done my best to make all of my books widely available.

The Turkey Tussle Book CoverThe ninth book, The Turkey Tussle, was released early in 2017. It’s not part of any  set…yet. You can get it at the universal link here. Book ten is in the works. My intention is to write at least 12 books in this series. Sometime after the release of the 12th, I’ll put together another ‘boxed’ set. Sorry, If you intend to wait, it’s going to be a little over a year. My apologies. That said, if you think about joining my mailing list, I promise opportunities will present themselves to receive free copies of all my new releases in exchange for honest reviews and help with promotion, two things so key to any author but especially to an indie author.

You can join the mailing list by using the quick form in the right column. And, there are some freebies in store for anyone who joins. Thanks for joining and, please, make sure you check each email for freebies and specials!

Christmas Cakes and KissesI’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the characters in this series have spawned a spin-off cozy mystery series with two books and a third in the works, The Morelville Cozies and three romances; Broken Women, Healing Embrace (which go together) and Christmas Cakes and Kisses. If you act fast (before Monday, January 8th) you can pick up Christmas Cakes and Kisses – a Hallmark for lesbians, feel-good romance – for the low price of $.99…but I don’t suggest you read it…not yet. The story stands completely alone but it has its roots in things that happen in books eight and nine of The Morelville Mysteries, Hannah’s Hope and The Turkey Tussle. I’d advise you to read those first so there are no spoilers for you, but you do whatever you want!

Broken Women and Healing Embrace SetBroken Women and Healing Embrace are available as a two-book set, here, for about a third off. Again, they stand completely alone as stories but events in book six of The Morelville Mysteries, Mad for Mel, drive portions of the story for the two leading ladies. Maybe, just maybe you might want to read Book 6: Mad for Mel, first. It’s your choice. I don’t judge!

The Passed Prop Book CoverFinally, I have to tell you that the cozies are a totally different animal! They’re not lesfic but my lesbian characters do appear in the stories. Two mothers/grandmothers drive all of the action in them and I’m told they’re quite a funny pair. I don’t write them to be funny but people see that in them. If you intend to read the two I have done so far, The Passed Prop (Full length and always just $.99) and Opera House Ops, please tell me what you think. And, by the way, they stand alone too but it’s best to start reading them after at least Book Five of the other series, Viva Mama Rossi!, just for, you know, continuity and lack of spoilers…

Again, many thanks and happy reading! Questions? Hit me up via the contact link above. I LOVE hearing from readers.