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Loving Blue in Red States: Wall South Dakota

The seventh short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series, Wall South Dakota is now out. ‘Wall’ is the story of two forty-something-year-old women, set in their ways, who keep ending up together, trying to find common ground.

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The blurb for Wall:

The Badlands of South Dakota bring two 40-something-year-old women, set in their ways, together, but will they find common ground?

Loving Blue in Red States: Wall South DakotaHeidi spent her high-school years in Wall, while her father served and then later worked as a civilian contractor at the air base near Rapid City after he retired from the Air Force. 25 years later, she travels back as a freelance photojournalist on assignment for a national magazine and has her first run-in with Danielle.

Dani’s a Wall lifer and she likes it that way. She’s on track to retire by the time she’s fifty if she can just keep doing the driving job she loves. She’s been heartbroken. She doesn’t want to go down that road again.

Their attraction is undeniable, but their conflicting life goals stand firmly in the way.

Wall is the seventh short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater TexasBirmingham AlabamaJackson Hole WyomingPerryville MissouriSalt Lake City Utah, and Savannah Georgia . Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series throughout 2018.

The inspiration for the ‘Wall’ story:

Book 3 in this series, Jackson Hole Wyoming, is based, in part, on a trip I took with my former spouse and our son back when my son, now in his twenties, was six years old (nearly seven). Wall, South Dakota has its roots in the early part of the same trip.

We took a nearly two week trip out west where we drove across South Dakota and Wyoming. We visited State Parks, National Parks, National Monuments, museums, caves and so much more along the way. Then there was the big – massive drug store and more in Wall. I can’t even begin to explain it. We saw the buffalo roam, prairie dog towns, saw a moose up close and way too personal, antelope, elk…you name it. As much as we saw, there were many more sites and sights that we never got to. We could have spent another month trying to see everything. It’s a trip I think every American that’s able ought to take.

Minuteman Missile National Historic SiteSome parts of this story are based on that trip. Read my ‘author’s note’ at the end of the story about our transportation issues and you’ll know some of what I’m talking about.

The driver we had back then, actually drove us through an area that no longer exists near Ellsworth Air Force Base. It was an old, old base housing area where she pointed out a place where a Titan missile, she said, once was located underground.

For this story, I couldn’t find a Titan location on any map, but back then, I saw the spot with my very own eyes. I have a feeling it was not a sealed-off Titan launch tube, but one of the original Minuteman missile areas as there were three flights of those built on the base that are no longer there. In the late 1990’s, many of those were removed and obliterated out of existence. Suburban sprawl has replaced a lot of what was once one of the key locations for the nation’s missile defense systems.

The ‘Wall’ story begins with the remaining remnants of the cold war but that’s not really what it’s about. It’s about two women who are very different, or so they think, who have more to give than they each realize.

I hope you enjoy the story.