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Viva Mama Rossi! is Out – Finally!

Viva Mama Rossi! Book Cover

It seems that no matter what I do, I’m destined to release new books, even when they’ve been ready for days or weeks, only every couple of months. After promising the fifth book in the Morelville Mysteries series, the  Viva Mama Rossi! novella for weeks, it’s finally published. Whew!

As of right now, it’s available as an eBook on Amazon in Kindle format. It’s also available through Amazon Prime and through Kindle Unlimited. In a few weeks it should be available in paperback.

Again Mel and Dana are featured in another murder mystery puzzle but their mothers, and especially Dana’s mother, Chloe Rossi (aka ‘Mama’ to even her grown children), get into the mix and stir up some trouble of their own. Here’s a little character profile I did on Chloe Rossi in a previous post and here’s the synopsis of this book:

A delayed honeymoon getaway takes a deadly turn for newlyweds Mel and Dana; meanwhile, two meddling mothers won’t let sleeping fisherman lie in the latest Morelville Mystery.

Does an unsolved shooting death far away from Morelville have local ties? Did a fisherman really drown or was there something more sinister afloat?

All Mel and Dana wanted was to enjoy a nice, relaxing honeymoon in the Smokey Mountains, away from the strains of life in the public eye. Instead, they end up involved in a case local law enforcement has completely written off. In this prequel to The Morelville Cozies, things are no better back home where their own mothers are stirring up an all new hornets nest that they think Mel and her own department have written off.

If there is going to be any rest for anyone, something is going to have to break in one case or the other…

This book is great together with Books 1 through 4 to get all of the Dana and Mel back story but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.

DISCLAIMER: This fifth installment of the Morelville Mysteries series, like the third and fourth books, contains an erotic scene between consenting adult females. If that is distasteful to you, please consider reading something else.


Thank you so much for reading the books in this series. I appreciate every single reader out there. You’re the reason I keep writing these stories.