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‘Viva Mama Rossi!’ is a Hybrid

No, not the woman; the story!

I took a break for a week after book 4 in the Morelville Mysteries series, Hitched and Tied, was published. I know what some of you are thinking; I took a vacation before it was published that actually delayed it being published too. Yes, you remember right; I did. The vacation was a much needed mental health break. The week I took off after publication was to charge up a new writing strategy in my mind. It worked.

The Morelville Mysteries series will continue. Rest assured Mel and Dana fans, there will be other adventures for them. I’m working on Book 5, ‘Viva Mama Rossi‘ now. I’m also planning at least a book for Christmas about them with an all new mystery to solve.

In Book 4, I introduced Dana’s family very briefly. I built a lengthy character profile of Dana’s mother, Chloe Rossi and shorter ones, for my own information, of her father and brothers. Chloe’s character just begs to be explored more and, frankly, I’ve been becoming more interested in trying my hand at writing traditional mysteries (more recently referred to as Cozy mysteries). A Cozy series with her as the lead protagonist could be a lot of fun.

I started outlining Book 5, on Monday. I started writing it Wednesday…it’s the fastest an idea has ever jelled for me. It will be a hybrid because it’s going to be a very blended book. Mel and Dana get the mystery surrounding an ‘accidental death’ to solve while they’re – away – and, meanwhile, back at home Chloe and Mel’s mother Faye, are tearing up the village over another death that they’re the only ones to believe wasn’t an accident. The plot is both hard boiled in that, even though Mel and Dana’s death is older (it happened a month or so in the past), they’re still professional law enforcement officers (er, Dana was…) and cozy in that Chloe and Faye are definitely not. It’s going to be fun to write!

Finally, for those of you whose big beef with the first book, Relic, was that I had more than one protagonist (two: Dana and Mel), get ready; this one has four!

Now, if I could only figure out how I want the cover to look…