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Valentines Week Reading Deals

Happy Valentines Day! Yes, I know I’m a few days early. I just wanted to let everyone know that there’s a big Valentines Day book sale going on most of this week and you’re all invited. Now, this one is all lesfic and I’m going to tell you about it in just a second. If you’re not all about lesfic – if you like a little more variety to your pairings – I’ve got something for you too. Stay with me!

Fall in Love Lesfic SaleFirst up is the iHeartLesficFall in Love‘ sale, a Valentines Day Book Sale. It officially starts tomorrow and runs through Friday the 16th but most of the deals are available right now. Get free and low, low priced lesfic romance eBooks and more from yours truly, me (the Broken Women and Healing Embrace set for just $.99) and  over 60 more books from more than 40 more well known and newer authors like:

  • Jae
  • Harper Bliss
  • Clare Lydon
  • T. B. Markinson
  • Miranda MacLeod
  • Elle Spencer
  • Caren Werlinger
  • Susan X Meagher
  • Jea Hawkins
  • Suzie Carr
  • Katie Mettner
  • Barbara Winkes
  • S.W. Andersen
  • Eliza Lentzski
  • Lynn Galli
  • Magnolia Robbins
  • Summer Munger
  • Monica McCallan
  • Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett
  • MJ Duncan
  • Claire Highton-Stevenson
  • Vanda
  • Emily Sharp
  • Josslyn Scott
  • Chloe Peterson
  • Marian Snowe
  • J. L. Gaynor
  • Amy DeMeritt
  • Lise Gold
  • Rene Nienaber
  • Amy DeMeritt
  • Raven J. Spencer
  • Fiona Zedde
  • Cheyenne Blue (editor)
  • Natasha West
  • K. B. Draper
  • Cara Malone
  • Noelle Winters
  • Alison R. Solomon
  • Nico J. Genes
  • Kelli Jae Baeli
  • Michelle Arnold
  • Amy DeMeritt
  • Niamh Murphy
  • Erin Wade
  • Fox Brison
  • Kat Evans

That’s quite a list, with something for just about every sub-genre of lesfic romance and a mystery or two to boot. Give the links above a look and add a few or forty new books to your eBook reader today.

Frisky February Box Set 2D CoverLike romance but not into lesfic or lesfic only? There’s something out there for your Valentine’s week reading pleasure too. You can still pick up Frisky February, the hot 19 book set by multiple authors for the low price of $3.99 at most major retailers. Click the link or the graphic on the right to choose your favorite retailer and read all about the set.


Happy Valentines Day!