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Vacation Sale!

My mom and dad celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in mid March of 2016. Where they live, the weather is still generally pretty crappy (cold and often snowy) around that time. One of their favorite getaways is to Las Vegas but, these last few years, they’re lucky to get out there once a year. My brothers have gone with them a couple of times. The timing or cost of the trip has never worked out for my wife and I in the past so we’ve never been out there.

For their 50th, mom and dad want to go somewhere warm and fun – Vegas sounds perfect to them. Needless to say, we’re all on board – Ohio winters can be just as brutal. My spouse and I have requested vacation on those dates, we’ve set aside the funds to pay our share of mom and dad’s airfare and hotel and now we’re diligently saving to pay for our own trip, food and fun. Since we’re already committed to some other things this spring, I’ve been saving my ‘book sales’ money toward the trip.

Sales that contributed toward the anniversary trip went great for a while but, now that I’m out of things to release quickly to keep the momentum going, they’re slowing down. In the spirit of offering up a deal, making some money for our trip and maybe…just maybe, gaining some new readers, I’m having a sale!

Relic Sale Graphic

That’s right;the first book in the Mel & Dana mystery/romance series, Relic, is going on Sale. Starting Friday at about midnight EST, you can buy it on Amazon for just $.99! Get it before Monday when the price goes up to $1.99 before climbing back to it’s usual level later in the week.* And, if this goes well, other books in the series may be offered for sale during the holiday season.

Many thanks for buying the book and, as always, thanks for reading!

*Please note, this book and all of my books are always available via Kindle Unlimited