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Vacation Sale Ending Soon and a Cover Reveal

Hello all, Just a quick reminder that Relic: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 1 is still on countdown at Amazon. You have about 24 hours left to get it at $.99 and then the price goes up.

Relic Sale Graphic

Sales are going pretty well for that book, this weekend. I thank you and my parents thank you! We’re looking forward to a nice vacation getaway for their anniversary in March.

I’ve hard at work on the next mystery in the Morelville Mysteries series, ‘A Crane Christmas’ The writing is done and the proofing is under way. I’m hoping you’ll see it published after the first week of December. This sixth installment in the series switches back to a full focus on Mel and Dana rather than being split with a mystery their mothers are working to solve. I’ve heard you Mel and Dana fans! Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of family interaction throughout since most of the readers I’ve heard from seem to enjoy that aspect of the books.

Here’s what I think will be the ‘final cover’ for the book (not sure yet…there have been a few including the same one except in green but it just didn’t work).

A Crane Christmas Book Cover

I personally like it. I feel like it has a Christmas feel to it but that it also hints at the mystery and intrigue inside. What do you think?