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Updates, Updates!

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been lax in paying attention to the usability of this site and in letting readers know where they can buy my books. This weekend, I remedied that. Instead of listing all of my books with a synopsis on the ‘Books’ page, each book and boxed set now has it’s own page which readers can link to from the ‘Books’ button drop down menu at the top of any page or from the more basic links now on the ‘Books’ page.

I’ve added the eBook boxed sets that are available to the books page and to the drop down menu as well. There’s a seven book set, The Morelville Collection, that consists of the first six lesfic mystery/romance Morelville Mysteries from that series and the first Morelville Cozy that’s available exclusively at Amazon and a four book (plus bonus) Full Circle Collection set that’s available at multiple retailers except for Amazon.

Broken Women Alt CoverIn other update news, the lesbian romance, ‘Broken Women’ is due out before the end of the month. I’ll keep you updated here. I have created a page for it so if you haven’t seen the book blurb yet, you can see it there (click the link above).

I’m excited about it’s release but also anxious to see what you think. Writing romance was a new and different challenge for me. I’ve always enjoyed reading it…I’ve just enjoyed mysteries more and so, when I started writing, I gravitated toward mysteries (with an element of romance) first. Writing a romance certainly presents some unique challenges and, to be honest, I approached it somewhat differently than a lot of the stuff I’ve read. I hope I didn’t stray too far from what readers expect!

Finally, I’m gearing up for an all new challenge with the lesfic Morelville Mysteries series and an update about it is in order. The next book, due out some time in June, will be titled ‘Hannah’s Hope‘. No spoilers here but, if you read Book 7, ‘Mad for Mel‘, you know that Hannah shows up late in the story with an all new ‘problem’. The story is proving to be one of the most intricate ones yet and I’m enjoying every minute of it. There’s one problem though.

The problem is, I need a cover for ‘Hannah’s Hope’. The story features a couple of ex-Amish young women (Hannah being one of them for those familiar with the series), an infant, a murder and more. I’m not even sure where to go with this one! My nephew that’s been doing covers isn’t available. The guy that did the first couple isn’t going to work for this one. Shiralyn Lee did the one for ‘Dana’s Dilemma‘ and it was quite good so – Shiralyn, if you’re reading this, do you want to take a stab at it? Anyone else interested in trying their hand at designing a cover? Of course, payment is involved.

If you want to submit a cover design or just talk with me about it, hit my up via the contact page here or on Facebook.