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A while back I posted this, ‘Do You Want To See What’s Inside My Head?‘. Since that time, things have changed a little. The two leads in the first Morelville Mysteries book, Relic, who started out as ‘frenemies’, married each other in book 4, Hitched and Tied, but not without a lot of trials and tribulations along the way. Book 5, Viva Mama Rossi, sent them on their honeymoon (only to run into an unsolved murder case) and left their mothers back in Morelville to wreak a little havoc of their own.

The whole mom’s thing was intentional. The Morelville Mysteries series will continue from this point with a few books a year (I hope) that feature Mel and Dana. I have releases planned for December, A Crane Christmas, and very late January/early February, Mad For Mel, for that series. Meanwhile, moms Faye Crane and Chloe Rossi get their own series spin off starting later this month with the first of the Morelville Cozies, The Passed Prop.

Passed Prop Cover

Three future books are planned, for now, for the cozy series as well but two coincide with the next two ‘Mysteries’ releases so I’ve built myself a bit of a time crunch to get them all done on schedule. A cozy may be pulled and rescheduled for a future date. I’m steadfastly committed to two more Mel and Dana novels by early February. I certainly can’t disappoint the fans who’ve been so loyal to the series, to date. Thank you to all of you!

The cozy novels will feature snippets of Mel and Dana for their fans but the moms will take center stage since they are cozies (no law enforcement professionals allowed to solve cozy mystery cases). My thinking is to have a very definite stand-alone story with each book in either series but, for fans of my work, there will be continuity between the two series as the lives of the characters cross over and flow on through time. You won’t miss big things by only reading one series or the other but you’ll get much more of a snapshot out of them by reading them both, if the mystery genre in general is your thing. As always, they’ll all be available via Kindle Unlimited.

I do apologize for cutting back on my posting schedule so much. Between my spouses dream haunted house (which is running every weekend in October: Hagan’s House of Horrors), my day job and writing books, I’ve cut out sleeping to keep writing. Look out…A mystery lovers book deluge is coming soon!