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The War on Drugs

I’m a few chapters into my 2nd novel in the Morelville Mysteries series now. I’ve managed to kill off a character and to start building the mystery surrounding that. Without going into a lot of detail (no spoilers here!), one of the keys to that tale will involve illegal drugs and drug trafficking. In my imagination, I had a pretty good idea where I wanted to go with that particular story line. One of my leading ladies, Dana, is a Customs special agent. A drug trafficking story line is made for her line of work.

A couple of nights ago, when my spouse turned in early and I wasn’t at all tired, I stayed up flipping television channels. I ran across the show ‘Drugs Inc.’. I ended up spending the next two plus hours staring at the tube in stunned amazement. I’d seen programs in the past about the war on drugs but I’d never seen this program, which is a bit different. It goes inside the drug trade and shows a lot of what’s going on from the point of view of successful drug dealers on the street level. Some junkies and addicts manage to make it on camera too.

Now, I’m not naive nor was I born yesterday. I’m well aware that illegal and illicit drugs are big business. I also know that there are drugs out there that are in huge demand that I’ve never even heard of. The first show that I saw from about 10 minutes in focused on one of those drugs, MDMA, and especially Ketamine. It’s in high demand and causing major law enforcement headaches in Canada and it’s spreading rapidly in the U.S. Another issue with these drugs in that many are being cut with other unknown substances. This is why using a 9 panel drug test is very sought after nowadays.

The next episode was all about the trade of ‘Molly’ a very pure form of the club/rave scene drug, Ecstasy. Anyone who’s lived in a major metro area for any length of time has heard of that, seen it used or knows someone who uses it. Molly is just the most recent, in high demand, iteration of that. This most pure form of an otherwise synthetic drug has a basis in sassafras oil that comes from trees found only in Thailand. It’s widespread use is causing multiple problems internationally.

While I watched, I surfed the net looking up these drugs with regard to their effect on the users and their capability to produce an OD, among other things. The things that I found were as stunning to me as what I was seeing play across the television screen. If you, or indeed anyone you know, suffers from a drug addiction, then you should seek help as soon as possible. West Coast Recovery Centers offer rehab programs which may be beneficial.

Everything gave me much pause but it also made me start re-thinking my story. There are so many different places to take it now that I hadn’t the faintest notion of when I started planning it that it’s almost scary.