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The Top 4 Writing Blogs That I Follow – So Far

Writers write. It’s what we do. Sometimes though we need a little inspiration, a little boost or a little advice. Where better to get the wisdom and the advice that we seek than from other writers?

I have a blog reader that lets me see the most recent postings of my favorite WordPress bloggers and I subscribe to emails for several bloggers that don’t use WordPress to blog. Many of these bloggers that I follow are not just content writers but actual book authors. Here are four that stand out for me personally:

Live To Write – Write to Live (New Hampshire Writers Network – NHWN) – – No, I’m not in New Hampshire but it doesn’t matter. This is an interesting and useful blog for any writer. It represents the joint effort of a group of nine writers who talk about the craft of writing and also the business of writing. There’s lots of great advice to be found from this blog, no matter what it is that you actually write. As a fiction writer, one of my favorite recent posts is:

Chris Hill – – Chris is a two book author that hails from the UK  with a lot to say about finishing what you start, publishing and marketing. His 2nd book, The Pick Up Artist, was just released on Valentines Day via a traditional publisher. His prior book, Song of the Sea God was a digital release. He’s gone both routes and lived to tell his tale. A great recent post from Chris is

Thrill Writing – – This blog is dedicated to helping mystery and thriller writers to write it right. It’s written by romantic suspense writer Fiona Quinn ( It’s one of the best examples I can hold up of an author and a blogger leveraging expert interviews to create great blog posts that are of use to herself and to other fiction writers who want the scenes in their books to feel palpably real and to ring true. I can’t name one favorite post here. I refer to many of them over and over and over…

Helping Writers Become Authors – – I very recently subscribed to this writing blog by K. M. Weiland but I’ve visited it on and off for months. A post there just this past week had me reworking parts of my soon to be released second novel. It was The Crucial Way to Figure Out How Much Time Your Story Should Cover. I was struggling with the fast paced time line for ‘Busy Bees’ in relation to the budding romance back story between my two ongoing main characters. The article was a huge eye opener.