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The Top 255 Lesfic Writers – Huh?

On June 12th I published a blog post, The Top 153 Lesfic Writers Alive (and Still Writing) Today. The post went viral with thousands of views over a few days (and it’s still getting a handful a day). Authors and readers took a look at it and chimed in about it with their thanks, praise, questions and, most importantly, their additions. There were lots of additions. They still come in almost every day via comments on the post, via Facebook, via email…you name it. I appreciate all of it.

I said the list was a living document chronicling authors who write lesbian themed fiction when I created it and I meant that. Today, after moving 6 authors from the ‘Up and Coming’ list to the main list and after adding some more writers after a list search at the Lesbian Authors Guild site (Thanks Becky!), it now stands at 255 authors and still counting.

153 Post Image

I’d caution anyone reading it that it’s not a perfect list. It’s just alphabetical with the best link available in each author’s case to find more information about the author’s books. If she has a working website (because 98% of them are female or identify as such), that’s the link I supplied. If she does not, I used the link to her Goodreads profile. I’m well aware that Goodreads is owned by Amazon and that not every author puts her books on Amazon but, frankly, Goodreads (eventually) catalogs books, including eBooks, across all major retailers and provides a page for each author where you can find all of their work under a given name or a pen name all in one place.

Allow me to digress for a minute:

If you’re an author with published works in any format, whether you self published them, went through a small press or publisher or you were traditionally published, and you haven’t claimed your Goodreads profile, you need to stop what you’re doing, do yourself a favor and do it now. Spend 10-15 minutes sprucing it up. This isn’t me endorsing Goodreads. This is me helping you to help READERS find you

Back on track now…

I haven’t dug through each publisher’s site. There’s just too much duplication out there since authors move from publisher to publisher. Further, the list isn’t broken out by genre. That would be a major undertaking just to research each author and then to determine each category her works fit in. I planned to give it a go but then I decided I need to keep working on my own writing instead. Anyone else want to try and knock that out?

Finally, it doesn’t include poets or non-fiction authors who don’t also write fiction in non-poetic form also. There are thousands of women’s studies and LGBT studies authors out there including a couple of acquaintances of mine who are not on this list. It’s a list based on lesfic novelists.

Please check out the list – go and pick a few authors and give their books a look. If you read and like a book, please leave a review at the site where you got it (Amazon, iBooks, GooglePlay, etc). Authors live off the kindness of their fans (because lesfic doesn’t pay enough for most of us to live off it!). Seriously, check out some authors. You’ll be glad you did!

P.S.: If you’re a lesfic author and you aren’t on this list, comment here with your name and website or Goodreads link, or on the original post or send me the info in an email using the contact link at the top of the page. I’ll get you added within a day or two.

P.P.S.: Please share the list with all your lesfic reading friends! The more exposure these authors get, the better!