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The Passed Prop is Out…Finally!

It’s been a long time (it seems) coming and a lot of broken promises on my part but the first novel in my planned ‘cozy’ series, The Passed Prop, is now out in eBook format.

The Passed Prop Book Cover

I’m both happy and relieved that it’s finally been released. I’m also a little disheartened. The book, after editing, is more a novella than a novel. It tips the scales at right around 47,000 words. To a reader, that may seem like a lot but, to a writer, it’s almost a sign of failure.

I’m not a flowery writer who’s given over to verbose prose. In real life, I’m a straight shooter. I call things exactly like I see them. I write the same way. This story practically told itself to me but the end was just that, the end. There wasn’t any fluffing it up to make it more weighty. Readers hate that anyway.

Here’s the synopsis:

Chloe Rossi wants to retire with her husband and move away from suburban sprawl to bucolic Morelville; the only trouble is, Morelville is experiencing its worst crime wave ever and Marco Rossi wants no part of a move there. What to do?

Faye Crane would like nothing more than to have her good friend Chloe move closer to her and to Chloe’s own daughter. She’s got Chloe convinced it’s a smart move but Marco is a tougher nut to crack. A string of brutal crimes around Halloween with no witnesses and little evidence to work with has her Sheriff daughter and her entire department stymied. Marco is second guessing even taking his retirement since Sheriff Mel can’t get a handle on it all and bring peace and wellbeing back to the tiny village.

Someone has to root out a killer. Can Faye and Chloe nose around and figure out what the police can’t to solve the crime? If they do, will Marco still waver or will he consent to move?

This is the first book in a new spin off series from the Morelville Mysteries series by Anne Hagan. The book stands alone but, if you’re interested in getting all of the Crane and Rossi families backstory, you should check out the fifth book in the first series, Viva Mama Rossi!.

The Passed Prop is currently available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook and it’s available through the Kindle Owners Lending Library and through Kindle Unlimited. Since it’s on the short side, I’m undecided if it will be released in paperback at this time. It probably will be but I’m going to think on that for a bit. What do you think?