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The Morelville Mysteries Full Circle Collection

The Morelville Mysteries Boxed Set

Spoiler Alert! Mel and Dana have a rough road from point A to point D but they do get there. In honor of their journey, I put together a boxed set, the Full Circle Collection, that includes all four books that cover their love affair (and several mysteries along the way) from it’s shaky beginning to it’s sweet resolution and prequel to the next stage of their lives.

The set includes Relic (Book 1), Busy Bees (Book 2), Dana’s Dilemma (Book 3) and Hitched and Tied (Book 4).  You’ll meet Dana and Mel as they first meet in the gas station where it all started and follow them along through murder, mayhem, injuries, doubt, and redemption to where they finally end up as a loving couple ready to take on the world together.

The Morelville Mysteries series will continue after Book 4; Book 5 is actually in the works now. Of necessity, the story changes as the series switches from a focus not only on crime solving but on romance to one that is primarily about the crimes. Both heroines will still figure prominently in each story, but I didn’t want to leave them hanging out there forever in a never ending will she/won’t she romance. They have bigger fish to fry…er, and plenty of family issues to deal with now that they’re all official.

If you want the whole saga to date, all in one neat little package, this set is for you. The next book in the works, ‘Viva Mama Rossi!‘ takes the ladies in a whole new direction. You can read a little about Mama Rossi here and more about the book here. Look for it in late August or early September. I’m also planning a special release, just in time for Christmas, of a sixth book in the series. The details on that project will be released much later. I think I’ve offered up enough spoilers for one day.

Please let me know what you think of the series and, if you’ve already read all four books, your review of the set would be greatly appreciated.