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The First Lesfic Story I Ever Wrote

I previously mentioned that I came to be a reader of lesbian fiction (Lesfic) by way, about 11 or 12 years ago, of fan fiction websites and, later, through sites devoted to presenting free,  original fem slash content. I first stumbled onto lesbian themed fan fiction while I was looking for something completely different that had nothing to do with any sort of fan fiction, lesbian themed or otherwise.

The first site I found was Live Journal (LJ). It still exists and people are still there cranking out fan fiction and original fiction but it’s really hard to unearth anything there any more. The site seems to cater to Eastern Block readers now. Anyway, LJ led me to sites like The Academy of Bards (which now exists as an alt/uber clickable list of stories that can’t be sorted by genre or category), The Atheaeum (which still operates as and  Passion and Perfection (which has always operated as I’m sure there were others too. So many of the sites in those days though were almost completely devoted to Xena and Gabrielle Lesfic stories and I just wasn’t that into that show and the Alt stories it inspired so I’ve lost the links to those sites over time.

One day, back in the heyday of Live Journal, I ran across a ‘The Facts of Life’ fem slash story featuring blonde socialite, Blair and her tough girl from the Bronx schoolmate, Jo. The show had been a favorite guilty pleasure of mine in the years immediately following high school for me because I crushed big time on Jo…If I’d of known then what I didn’t figure out for another 20 years…

I gobbled up everything I found related to ‘The Facts of Life’ on LJ and then I started hammering the search engines looking for other F/F fiction about them, especially the racier stuff where they were out of high school…ahem. As time went on, it got harder and harder to feed my addiction to the Blair and Jo stories because the show had been out of original production for years and re-runs had started to taper off too. RALST still has a great selection of ‘The Facts of Life’ stories, with a very occasional new one added, but most of the writers of that stuff have long since moved on with their lives or, at least, with the shows that they watch and make up ‘what if‘ stories about. As I thought about it, I came to think, ‘I can probably write this stuff myself’ especially when it came to ‘The Facts of Life’. I knew those characters inside and out.

I tossed story ideas around in my head for a time and then one evening about 2005 or ’06, while watching a re-run episode of the show, I caught in the opening credits Nancy McKeon in her role as ‘Jo’ holding up a ‘Merry Wives of Windsor’ sign. The Shakespeare play was one of many school productions the girls were involved in, no doubt to feed story lines for the Kim Fields played character, Tootie (Dorothy) Ramsey.

Jo of 'The Facts of Life' played by Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon as ‘Jo’ in ‘The Facts of Life’

I looked up the play, read it and the jig was on. I wrote a story based around the girls performing in the play: Tootie becomes injured and her understudy Blair must step into the role of Anne. Anne’s true love interest in the play is Fenton who is played by a young man from Bates academy until he becomes sick and loses his voice during the presentation to the student bodies. There was no understudy for Fenton but Jo helped Blair run lines when Blair had to step in for Tootie and work on a brief kissing scene that I took a tiny little bit of literary license to include in the play (no such thing happened in plays in Shakespeare’s time because all of the parts were played by men…but imagine if it had!). Jo ends up stepping in for Fenton for the evening public performance. I won’t go into all of the nitty gritty details but I’m sure you can see where I was going with it.

I finished the story. I never published it. I recently found it again when I was cleaning old files off of a flash drive. It’s not bad but it was set up for Live Journal or Ralst and not for publication on a more modern day blog. Besides…I doubt there are many 40+ fans out there interested in a story about two high school aged girls of the 1980s sharing their first girl/girl kisses and those of you that are younger than 40 who read my stuff probably don’t have a clue what I’ve been rambling on about. That story will stay safely on my flash drive!

What’s the first Lesfic story you ever wrote?