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The Best “How To” Book on Kindle Publishing

The story line for Relic brewed in my head for a long time. I honestly didn’t start writing it until I downloaded a free eBook on Amazon one day about how to publish an eBook to the site. I’d thought about putting the story on paper before but I didn’t have the time to shop it around to publisher after publisher only to face rejection and I didn’t have the funds to go the vanity press route. Someone back in my book reviewing days told me I should look into Print on Demand (POD) and, going with that, I read several articles about Amazon’s own CreateSpace POD arm. Learning about POD is what ultimately lead me to learning about KDP and publishing digitally rather than in print.

That first book I got was long on how great being an indie author was and how easy it was to self publish but it was short on any actual instruction. I started writing Relic and I began seeking out other books about the writing, formatting and publishing processes. So many of the books I found recommended buying additional software (above and beyond what I already had) for brainstorming, writing, formatting for publication and also for the actual uploading for publishing processes. Some of the stuff is free – but not much of it, some of it costs a little bit and some of it costs quite a bit. All of them purport to be the best piece of software out there for formatting your work so you can load it easily to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program and publish.

Guess what? If you have Microsoft Word – any version – you don’t need any other software to properly format your manuscript and then turn it into a digital file that Amazon can read and use to publish your eBook for you. You have everything you need already installed on your computer. I learned that by reading Allen Smith’s Book, The Ultimate Guide To Kindle Publishing Using Microsoft Word.

This book walks you through, in words and pictures, formatting your book and then converting it for publication using only MS Word. I don’t even have the version of Word that the author of this book has and I still was able to accomplish things as he lays them out here. The only difference was that I had to look around a bit more to find certain features in my slightly older version of the software. If you can’t find it…well, that’s what the help icon is for.

If you get Smith’s book, you won’t need anything else to help you format your work and get it published to the KDP platform. That’s a promise I can back up with experience. And, by the way, this book is a whole lot cheaper than most of that software out there and a whole lot easier to figure out. You just follow along, step by step!

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There are two things I need to mention:

  1. I am an Amazon affiliate. If you click the links in this post and buy either my book or Allen Smith’s book off of Amazon, I’ll earn a small commission.

  2. There are promotion recommendations in this book as well. They are a bit dated. Take those with a grain of salt and do your own testing and research in that regard.

Happy publishing!