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Lesbian Book Bingo Anyone?

Happy New Year everybody! I started off the year a little under the weather but I’m bouncing back. And, I’m just in time to let you in on an all new challenge that’s also a massive lesfic book giveaway: Lesbian … Continue reading

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Reading Ahead and What’s Behind

Did you miss me? For those of you that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. If you celebrate any of the other religious holidays of the season, I wish you blessed days ahead as well. As for myself, I’ve spent the past … Continue reading

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Why Lesbian Fiction Will Change Your Life

It’s hard to believe but some lesbian women have yet to be introduced to the world of F/F fiction, aka lesfic, written by lesbians (and some straight men and women), for lesbians. There are women in the LGBT community who … Continue reading

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The 5 Best Blog Posts on Writing I Read This Past Week

Writers are readers. Unfortunately, most will tell you, when they’re in the middle of a new book, reading books is something they don’t get to indulge much time in. They may check out the news, read a blog post or … Continue reading

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On Writing: Write Baby Write!

Tuesday night I didn’t go to bed until I finished reading the 2013 Kindle edition of the book, The Naked Truth About Self Publishing (disclaimer: that’s an affiliate link) which was co-authored by 10 of the biggest names in the indie romantic fiction … Continue reading

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The Best Eleven Mystery Books I’ve Ever Read – Part 1

My love of mysteries and legal thrillers – which, in my book, may as well be mysteries – started early in my life. I realized a love of reading at a very young age. I can remember relishing our weekly … Continue reading

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