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For Self Published Authors: Going Wide

‘Going Wide’ is a hot topic among self-published authors. Some put all of their book eggs in the Amazon basket and hope sales and page reads through Kindle Unlimited (KU) keep on coming. Others spread their work around, trying to … Continue reading

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10 Inspiring Facts for Indie Authors

Some great thoughts from Wise Ink Publishing that were passed along by a fellow author on indie publishing that all indie authors should read. These will give you a real ‘pick me up’! Please follow and share:0

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On Publishing: Amazon Kindle Unlimited Borrows vs Selling on Other Platforms

Is it worth it from a monetary standpoint to forgo the Kindle Select program in order to be able to sell eBooks on other platforms like Barnes and Noble (Nook), Apple, Sony and KOBO? Does an indie author make more … Continue reading

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On Self Publishing: Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned…So Far

In the words of Nike, ‘Just do it!‘- you can self publish. You can make 35% or more for your own work in digital format. You don’t need an agent and you don’t need a traditional publisher limiting you to … Continue reading

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On Writing: Write Baby Write!

Tuesday night I didn’t go to bed until I finished reading the 2013 Kindle edition of the book, The Naked Truth About Self Publishing (disclaimer: that’s an affiliate link) which was co-authored by 10 of the biggest names in the indie romantic fiction … Continue reading

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The Best “How To” Book on Kindle Publishing

The story line for Relic brewed in my head for a long time. I honestly didn’t start writing it until I downloaded a free eBook on Amazon one day about how to publish an eBook to the site. I’d thought … Continue reading

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