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The Smashwords July Summer-Winter Sale 2018 Edition

Announcing the Annual Smashwords July             Summer-Winter Sale – 2018 Redux It’s that time of year again. It’s summer in the northern hemisphere (and already hot, hot, hot) and winter in the southern hemisphere (my condolences … Continue reading

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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of Broken Women

Welcome Bookbub buyers of Broken Women! Thank you very much for purchasing the book. Thank you also for visiting my home on the web. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Just a little background on me… I started writing with … Continue reading

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Sullied Sally: The Morelville Mysteries Book 10 is Out!

I’m happy to announce, at long last, Book 10 of The Morelville Mysteries Series, Sullied Sally, is out. It was released on March 3rd, wide, to multiple eBook retailers. More are being added daily. A paperback version will follow shortly. … Continue reading

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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of the Morelville Mysteries Full Circle Collection

Welcome to all the new readers of The Morelville Mysteries series who found the first four books in the series as a result of a Bookbub newsletter promotion. I’m happy you’ve chosen to pick up this starter set to the … Continue reading

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Q & A Tag: The Debut Novel

Do you all remember when I ‘interviewed’ lesfic author Niamh Murphy a month or so ago? Well, she’s back…sort of! This time, she’s challenged me and some of her other author friends to play Q & A tag and answer … Continue reading

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Finally: The Turkey Tussle is Here!

I know; I’ve been ‘slacking’ for months! I’m happy to say, at long last, the 9th Morelville Mystery, The Turkey Tussle, is finally here. This latest installment of my lesfic romantic mystery series continues the saga of Mel and Dana … Continue reading

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Smashwords Read an eBook Week Sale

Smashwords is having an eBook sale and you’re invited. At midnight Pacific Time tonight, March 4th, 2017, thousands of eBooks go on sale at Smashwords for ‘Read an eBook Week’. The sale runs through next Saturday, March 11th. All of … Continue reading

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Status Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Life gets in the way sometimes. Due to an unexpected medical issue and then an unfortunate car accident, my boss at my ‘day job’ has had … Continue reading

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Reading Ahead and What’s Behind

Did you miss me? For those of you that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. If you celebrate any of the other religious holidays of the season, I wish you blessed days ahead as well. As for myself, I’ve spent the past … Continue reading

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Opera House Ops Novel Released

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Opera House Ops, Book 2 of the Morelville Cozies series that was originally released in serial form with ten episodes has now been released as a novel. It’s currently exclusive at … Continue reading

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