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Medusa’s Touch by Emily L. Bryne to be Released

What happens when you cross space opera with cyberpunk and lesbians? You get the book, Medusa’s Touch by Emily L. Bryne (aka Catherine Lundoff), that’s what! Originally written several years ago, but never published, tthe novel started out as an erotic … Continue reading

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Get Ready for a Frisky February!

Happy Tuesday!  I’m still hard at work making Book 10 in the Morelville Mysteries series, Sullied Sally, as twisty and full of turns as it can be. I just wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know … Continue reading

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Broken Women is Now Available

I’m very happy to announce that my 9th book and my first romance, Broken Women, was released early this morning. It will be available for 90 days, exclusively at Amazon for the Kindle and via Kindle Unlimited. Please click the links … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Broken Women – a Romance

The naming contest for the ‘bar’ in my upcoming lesfic romance novel, ‘Broken Women’ is over. The lucky winner is Debs Amishaw for her submission, ‘Steamboat Willie’s’. It has all sorts of cool connotations including the local connection (the fictional … Continue reading

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Content Disclaimer – Yes or No?

I’ll be releasing my third book in the Morelville Mysteries Series, ‘Dana’s Dilemma‘ by the end of this month. It’s almost ready. This book, like the two before it, stands alone as a story but, if you’ve read the first … Continue reading

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On Writing: Romance and Sex

I mentioned in a previous post that I seem to be selling books in my mystery series as romance books lately. The first two are certainly not about romance more than mystery but there is a developing relationship between my … Continue reading

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On Writing: Project List – Do You Want to See What’s Inside My Head?

Did you ever wonder what goes on inside a writer’s head when he or she is in full on writing mode? How would you like to take a peek inside my mind for a few minutes? Yeah? Well strap in! … Continue reading

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On Writing – Unblocked

What do you call it when you should be writing a specific thing – like the second installment in your novel series…ahem! – but an idea – a prompt, if you will – for a completely different story pops into … Continue reading

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