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The Spring Mega Lesfic Sale is on at IHeartLesfic

The ‘Spring Mega Sale’ is on over at IHeartLesfic! There are 45 authors participating, offering more than 90 great books, free or deeply discounted, in over a dozen genres. There are plenty of names you likely know and love. There … Continue reading

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A Lesbian and Bi Women Fiction Survey to Benefit Us All

In 2017, lesfic author AE Radley set out to survey readers of lesbian and bisexual (F/F) themed fiction about what their reading habits and their views on lesfic and bi women themed books. Her questionnaire focused on things like preferred … Continue reading

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Great Deals on Great eBooks

Do I have some deals for you! This is ‘Read an eBook Week’ so this blog post is going to be all about free and seriously discounted eBooks. If you’re not interested in good deals on ebooks, then read no … Continue reading

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Sullied Sally: The Morelville Mysteries Book 10 is Out!

I’m happy to announce, at long last, Book 10 of The Morelville Mysteries Series, Sullied Sally, is out. It was released on March 3rd, wide, to multiple eBook retailers. More are being added daily. A paperback version will follow shortly. … Continue reading

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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of the Morelville Mysteries Full Circle Collection

Welcome to all the new readers of The Morelville Mysteries series who found the first four books in the series as a result of a Bookbub newsletter promotion. I’m happy you’ve chosen to pick up this starter set to the … Continue reading

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Sales and Updates – What’s Coming and What Isn’t

It’s almost November and, for a lot of writers, that means National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. I’m unofficially participating this year. I have a romance novella that’s been plotted out for months, that’s Christmas themed, that I want released … Continue reading

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The Fall in Love Book Sale

Are you ready to ‘Fall in Love’ with a good book, this fall? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to stay focused on my work – any of my work – at this time of year. … Continue reading

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Giveaway Author Spotlight: Lori Lake

Lori Lake is one of 30 authors involved in a big giveaway of 43 autographed lesfic books that ends on September 15th. She has written eleven novels, two short story collections, and edited four anthologies. Her work has won three Goldies, three … Continue reading

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Win Autographed Lesfic Books!

30 Lesfic Indie Authors got together virtually, because, let’s face it, most authors don’t do well in crowds, and came up with an amazing giveaway to share with you… In this giveaway, three lucky readers will share from a bundle … Continue reading

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We’re Going to the GCLS Con!

We’re on our way to the GCLS Con, my wife and I! I’ll be spending the next several days in Chicago immersed in all things lesfic. That means I’ll be in my glory among my people – other readers and … Continue reading

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