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Steamboat Reunion is Out!

Finally, at long last, Steamboat Reunion is out. I know, I know; I’ve been promising it for months. I wanted it out in November…then January, but you know, life.

Steamboat Reunion Cover

‘Steamboat’, as I call it, is the culmination of the Barb and Janet romance story that began with the book, Broken Women and continued with Healing Embrace. Theirs isn’t a traditional, meet cute, little bit of angst, and then a happily ever after love story. Oh no; if that’s what you’re looking for – and I know most of you are – you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Barb is in her late thirties. Janet is a few years younger. These two women have been around the block a time or two. Theirs is a second chance romance with all of the baggage of their previous lives thrown into the mix throughout all three books. Some call it realistic fiction. I call it life. Oh, they get their happily ever after in this book…finally, but with healthy doses of reality thrown in.

A reviewer wrote of an early book in this little trilogy that it includes “…intrusive behavior by people who should be minding their own business.” Again, life. As I write my mystery series, my mantra is family, friends, love, murder and mayhem. These two characters came out of my primary mystery series (which you do not have to read to understand anything going on in any of these three books). The mysteries focus on a large cast of ongoing characters, including family and friends. These romance books are the same. In fact, longtime readers of my work will be happy to know that Mel and Dana play prominent roles in this book from the beginning.

You don’t have to read Broken Women and Healing Embrace to ‘get’ what’s happening in Steamboat Reunion. Not at all. You’ll be missing all of their backstory, especially Janet’s, but you’ll skip a lot of the angst.

The Blurb for Steamboat Reunion:

Can you go home again?

Barb knows she loves Janet, but she’s not sure she’s ready to take the next step and commit for life, not again, not so soon. No one is saying it, but she knows they’re all thinking she should just move on.

Janet is in love with being in love and Barb is the object of her affection and devotion. She won’t stop until they’re married. Oh, she’ll be patient, or so she tells everyone who will listen. She’ll wait. How long will she have to, though, she wonders?

Just when the two of them start to work things out, Janet is injured on the job and an old high school crush of Barb’s comes back into the picture, a crush who wants things to be the way they were, twenty years before. Both things send Barb into a tailspin of regret and old memories.

This is the third and final ‘Barb and Janet’ story. It isn’t necessary to read Broken Women or Healing Embrace first, but the author recommends it. It’s temporarily exclusive to Amazon and available to read free via Kindle Unlimited.

I hope you enjoy Barb and Janet’s story. Thank you, as always, for reading.