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Status Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. Life gets in the way sometimes. Due to an unexpected medical issue and then an unfortunate car accident, my boss at my ‘day job’ has had a tough go of it for the last month or so and I’ve been working a lot of extra hours, as a result. That situation looks like it will continue through most of March. Prayers or best wishes for her speedy recovery – whichever you do – would be very much appreciated. At this point I’d just like to give you a status update on what you can expect to see soon or in the not too distant future:

1. Opera House Ops

Opera House Ops Book CoverThe second book in the Morelville Cozies, cozy mystery series is, as of yesterday, done with Kindle Unlimited…sort of. The full book is but if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it in 10 individual episodes through that program. I’m working on making it available on multiple sites so you can look for it at your favorite eBook retailer in the next week to two weeks.

For links, check the Opera House Ops page at this link.

2. The Turkey Tussle

The Turkey Tussle CoverThe latest book in the Morelville Mysteries lesfic mystery/romance series, The Turkey Tussle (Book 9) was supposed to be out in November…then January…then mid-February. Between work and a bit of a rewrite in the middle to introduce another suspect and move some key events around, it got off a little off track…Okay, more than a little. I expect it to be out in the next two weeks. Better late than never, right? Watch this space!

3. Healing Embrace

Healing Embrace CoverThe whole idea around Healing Embrace, a sequel of sorts to my first lesfic romance, Broken Women, was to have it out by Valentine’s Day. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The status update on that? Given my likely work schedule, we’re probably looking at a late March or early April release. That pushes the release of a third Morelville cozy back but the first draft of Healing Embrace is done and the 2nd draft is more than half completed. The third cozy is still in the planning stages.

4. Wide and a Bookbub

Relic: The Morelville Mysteries - Book 1As I mentioned above, all of my books are available on all sites right now. My plan going forward is to release new books to Amazon exclusively for 90 days (with a few exceptions) and then to make them available from all e-retailers/eBook vendors after that. Everything I’ve published to date is available everywhere eBooks are sold with the exception of Opera House Ops, as I noted above and that’s in process.

Some vendors pick up a new book in hours, some take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’ve managed to secure a listing with the famed/vaunted Bookbub email newsletter. It runs TOMORROW! They’ll be promoting the 1st book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, Relic which is FREE everywhere (except on Amazon international sites but I’m working on that. You don’t have to wait for Bookbub. Instead, you can get it now, if you like, at any number of sites by choosing your preferred provider here. You say you don’t get the Bookbub newsletter? You’re missing out on tons of free and discounted books in any genre you follow. Browse Bookbub here and/or sign up to get the daily email. You can click the big red button on the lower right of this page to follow me on Bookbub and you’ll get news of all my new releases.

5. Email List

I finally started an email list. You can sign up on the annoying popup that covers 2/3rds of your screen about 10 seconds after you come on the site or you can do it in the right-hand column. I promise freebies and inside track information for list members and chances to do things like beta read before anyone else ever sees my stuff are coming in the near future if you’ll just sign up. I also promise no spam and never to rent or sell the list. You have my word.

I’ve got some all new stuff planned for this summer and fall…I just have to get through the next 4 weeks at work first. In the meantime, I promise a status update and sneak peeks at upcoming releases a lot more often than every 4-6 weeks!

Stay warm…or cool, depending where you are in the world right now and, as always, thanks for reading!