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Spring Into a Good Book Mega Lesfic Sale!

It’s back! It’s the ‘Spring into a Good Book’ mega lesfic/WLW sale. And, guess what? It’s bigger and better than ever!

Spring Into A Good Book

There are dozens of authors participating, offering free and deeply discounted books…over 200 books. There are so many books this time, as a matter of fact, there had to be two webpages to hold them all. One just wouldn’t do!

All of the books are discounted on Amazon, with links right from the sale pages. Authors, like yours truly, who offer books through other eRetailers have also discounted their work at those retailers

You can click the banner above to get to the first page of spring sale books, or click right here. That page has romance, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, erotic romance, and erotica.

The second sale page contains all of the other romance subgenres, genres aside of romance with books containing romantic plotlines as a subplot and all other genres like mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and more. You’ll certainly want to check out both pages.

Many thanks to TB Markinson over at IHeartLesfic for working tirelessly to put this all together again.

Happy shopping, and happy reading!

P.S. My mystery book Relic is being offered free. Broken Women, a contemporary romance, and a collection of the first five Loving Blue in Red States short stories are on sale for $.99. They’re all available, not only at Amazon, but wherever eBooks are sold. You can click the links to get a synopsis and to buy them wherever you buy your books.