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Smashwords Read an eBook Week Sale

Smashwords is having an eBook sale and you’re invited. At midnight Pacific Time tonight, March 4th, 2017, thousands of eBooks go on sale at Smashwords for ‘Read an eBook Week’. The sale runs through next Saturday, March 11th. All of my books will be free or on sale for 50% off on the site with availability in multiple formats like .mobi for Kindle eReaders and software, ePub for most other eReaders, PDF, plain text and more.

Smashwords Sale Banner

Click on the graphic or on this Anne’s eBooks on Smashwords link and check them out. The first book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, Relic: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 1 is free, as always. The benefit to getting started on the series this week is, Book 2, Busy Bees, normally $.99 is also free all week!

Have those two books already? All the rest in the series – there are six more (so far) – are just $1.50 each! Even better; there are two, four-book boxed sets available this week only for just $2.00 bucks a set. You can own all eight of the Morelville Mysteries series books featuring Sheriff Melissa ‘Mel’ Crane and Special Agent Dana Rossi for just $4.00 bucks for any device you own.

What about the cozies? Will they be on sale?

Wait, it gets better! This sounds like a sales pitch but I’m being serious here. There’s a spin-off mystery series for cozy mystery fans, The Morelville Cozies. It features meddling moms Faye Crane and Chloe Rossi in adventures of their own. The first book in that series, the Halloween themed, The Passed Prop, will be free all week and Book 2, Opera House Ops will be only $1.50. And yes, Mel and Dana make appearances in both books but, trust me, you’re going to love their moms.

And the one, lonely romance novel? Is that on Smashwords?

Finally, I have a romance out there, Broken Women, featuring two minor characters from the main mystery series that stands completely alone from it. Some people have only read that because they don’t even like mysteries. It’s on sale too for only $1.50 all week.

There’s nowhere else you can go and buy all 11 of my books for just $7.50…nowhere! And, while you’re there saving so much money, you can pick up more great books on sale by other authors. It’s a win for me, you and them.

Need that link again? It’s Anne’s eBooks on Smashwords.

Thank you for your support and Happy ‘Read an eBook Week!’