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The Smashwords July Summer-Winter Sale 2018 Edition

Announcing the Annual Smashwords July             Summer-Winter Sale – 2018 Redux

It’s that time of year again. It’s summer in the northern hemisphere (and already hot, hot, hot) and winter in the southern hemisphere (my condolences for those of you who are not fans of the coldest season…) so it’s time for the annual Smashwords summer/winter sale. Now through July 31st, you can get thousands of books and already discounted boxed sets of books from hundreds of authors from 25% off the usual price to completely free.

Smashwords July Sale 2018

All of my full-length books are available and on sale at the Summer-Winter Sale. You can get the romances, the cozy mysteries, the lesfic mystery/romance books from the Morelville Mysteries series…everything. I’ve even put the boxed sets of the first eight Morelville Mysteries on sale. A couple of my books are free for the month of July. All of the rest of my books, including the boxed sets, are 50% off with coupon. And the best part? The coupon is automatic at checkout, an improvement over the codes and the special shopping sections of previous years. Of course, the special shopping section is still there so you can see everything that’s on sale.

The best thing about buying at Smashwords? You can buy eBooks there in ANY FORMAT, downloadable to any eReader or eReader software you have (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, PDF, Text etc.). Check out the Smashwords home page for complete details. And, here’s my direct link:  Anne Hagan on Smashwords

You can also shop from the sale catalog links on the Smashwords home page.

So pick up some great new reads, cheap for the beach or for in front of the fireplace and enjoy!