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The Murder and Intrigue of Secrets by Barbara Winkes

I’m currently reading Secrets by my friend and fellow author, Barbara Winkes. I have to tell you, I was intrigued by Marsha and interested in learning more about her background from the opening lines. Then, Jessie’s appearance on the scene throws a nice wrench into her carefully made plans. But that villain? Who is this guy?! He shows up promptly in chapter two and gives me the creepy crawlies from the word go. Nice work Barbara! You’ll have me up reading half the night tonight just trying to figure out who he is!

Secrets is currently on sale for just $.99 for a very limited time. You can buy it exclusively at Amazon or read it free via Kindle Unlimited.

Secrets by Barbara WinkesThere is nowhere to run…

Disillusioned with the direction her life is going, Marsha Taylor wants to get away, to find out what’s left of her dreams. Picking up a hitchhiker along the way wasn’t her intention, but Jessie, a woman with troubles of her own, is hard to resist.

A mishap on the road forces them to make a stop in a small town called Diamond Lake. Residents are on edge since a brutal murder happened in the area not long ago.

Everyone has their secrets…some of them are deadly.

How’s that for a book blurb? And Diamond Lake? There’s one such lake in a pretty remote area of Canada I once had the pleasure of traveling through. Barbara is Canadian…in case you weren’t aware. Now, there’s no ‘town’ to speak of in the real Diamond Lake area but there are a couple of dozen homes and a business or two sprinkled through the primary crossroads area, just off the Trans-Canada Highway. I could totally see this setting in northern Ontario as the setting for a murder mystery. Totally. Scary stuff.

Buy Secrets, a true mystery-thriller, read it too, and let me know what you think. Let’s have a book chat!

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