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Secret Masquerade

My erotic short story (14,500 words) for Halloween, Secret Masquerade is out…finally! It was a close one for getting it done, but I did it. Whew! Now back to Morelville stuff.

Oh, you want to know about it? Well, let’s see; it features our favorite butch cop, Sheriff Mel Crane, but it stands alone from the Morelville Mysteries. It’s a mystery…sort of. It’s more a tale of suspense, erotic intrigue, and erotica. Mel gets into a little trouble she wasn’t really bargaining for and that creates all the fun.

Also, the party featured in the story has its roots in an actual annual bash I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple of times. Great fun! That said, the party was mostly straight couples and some families having a good time and the erotica was little to non-existent. I took the liberty of making the whole experience wholly lesbian. I think it would be even more fun!

Sadly, the party hasn’t been given in a few years. The family that put it on every year has the heart to do it but most of their members are physically unable to undertake such an endeavor any longer. It’s a shame. Wonder what they did with all that stuff?

But I digress…. I give you:

Secret Masquerade

Will Mel unmask her captor before she’s seduced into risking it all?

Secret Masquerade Book CoverSheriff Melissa ‘Mel’ Crane has one more duty after assisting with Trick-or-Treat patrol on Halloween night. She has to pick up her friend and housemate Hannah at her old friend Rebekah’s farm. The task sounded simple enough. It turned out to be anything but.

Mel gets lured into a Sapphic Secret Masquerade. The more she tries to find out what’s really going on and who has tricked her into showing up at the deep woods, lesbians only Halloween party the further she falls into an erotic adventure that will test her willpower and maybe even her marriage.

It’s available via Kindle and free to read through Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

As always, thank you for reading and for being a fan of WLW fiction!