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Loving Blue in Red States: Savannah Georgia

The sixth short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series, Savannah Georgia is now out. ‘Savannah’ is the story of two twenty-something young women who meet innocently on a tour. One is the tour guide and the other is one in need of her guidance…in more ways than one. Things only get more complicated from there.

For a limited time, it is exclusive to Amazon and free via Kindle Unlimited.

The blurb for Savannah:

Ghosts of the past help along a modern-day coming out.

The Loving Blue in Red States Series - Savannah GeorgiaJo Lynn isn’t happy with her life in tiny Birdsville, Georgia, but she doesn’t feel like she has a lot of choices. She loves her job with Magnolia Springs State Park and she could advance in a career with the parks…if she had the nerve to buck the wishes of her mother and head out on her own.

A tour of Savannah with friendly, outgoing tour guide Calli, leads to an all-new worldview for Jo Lynn and maybe even a little courage to change.

Savannah is the sixth short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater Texas, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Perryville Missouri and Salt Lake City Utah. Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series throughout 2018.

The inspiration for the story:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John BerendtOn January 31st of 1994, Random House published John Berendt’s book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the original release.

The book, which reads like a novel, is essentially a true crime story of the trials of Jim Williams, an antique dealer and Savannah, Georgia socialite for the murder of Danny Hansford, a male prostitute. Williams was tried four times for the crime before a jury was finally able to reach a verdict. No spoilers here!

I read ‘The Book,’ as it is still called in Savannah, years ago. I also saw the 1997 movie based off it. Both are quite compelling, and both spawned an industry of tourism into deep south, coastal Savannah that hasn’t let up in the 25 years since the first publication. When I decided to include Georgia in one of these stories, Savannah was the first city to spring to mind for a setting because of the impression the book and subsequent movie made on me.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the city of Savannah, take it. In the meantime, check out Berendt’s award-winning and Pulitzer Prize nominated book.