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Relic is Now Free for Nook and a Cover Conundrum

Just a quick update today and a question for everyone. First of all, I’m happy to say that ‘Relic’ is now free for the Nook at Barnes & Noble. You can download it to your Nook reader or your Nook software for free at that link. As an aside, I read today that Barnes & Noble/Nook will stop selling digital content in the U.K. in May. For those of you in the Isles, let that serve as a heads up to get all the Nook stuff you can, while you can. Here’s the link to the BBC article on that.

In other news, I posted a cover work up of my upcoming romance novel, ‘Broken Women‘ to a Facebook group a couple of weeks or so ago. There was general agreement that everyone liked the cover but more than one poster pointed out that they thought I should lose the subtitle/tagline, ‘A Lesbian Love Story’. Here’s the cover done both ways:

Thoughts? Which one do you prefer?

Broken Women Alt Cover
Broken Women cover with subtitle