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The Places Characters Take You – Hitched and Tied

The best-made outline for a novel – or, in my case, the best-made template for one – sometimes gets sidetracked by where the characters take the author. For example, when I first contemplated the story line for Book 2 in the Morelville Mysteries series, Busy Bees, one of the detectives with the Sheriff’s Department only had a minor role. As the story evolved, the role became much more pronounced and it became a thread left hanging at the end that carried over into Book 3.

Boar's Head

Now, well into Book 4, Hitched and Tied, following the template I created, a minor character with a bit part became far more important to the story. While writing the single scene featuring Barb Wysocki, bar owner and former love interest of Sheriff Mel Crane, the dialog just flew and before I knew it I had a full chapter and a new plan going forward.

Sometimes characters take you places that you never expected to go. Sometimes they even take you places that completely change the story and for the better. I’m excited to see who else steps up in Hitched and Tied and takes off with the story.