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I’m a Phone Photographer – I Admit It!

I’m a phone photographer. My addiction to taking cell phone pictures knows no bounds. Yes, I take pictures of family and friends and events, just like just about every other smartphone owner on the planet does. I also take ‘weird’ pictures and staged shots that just don’t appeal to the average photographer. Constantly. As in, all the time.

Abandoned Barns Why?

That’s what people ask me when they notice me circling something, taking shot after shot. I don’t know why. Some things just look cool. Some things, I think, this might be good on a book cover some day. Mind you, I have no creative talent beyond writing. None. I’d have to convince a cover designer to use one of my photos in the first place. Persuasion isn’t my strong suit and, too, I know that phone pics aren’t the best photographs for graphic design. It doesn’t stop me from taking them.

Drift Wood Pumpkin Farm Toddler

My wife just shakes her head and leaves me to it when I go into phone photographer mode. She knows I own a decent 35 mm camera that I got a dozen years or so back. I rarely used it then and I never use it now.

She rolls her eyes when I have to download all my booty to my computer and then delete them from my phone because Verizon tells me my ‘Cloud’ is full. Why pay for storage?! After all, I’ve got all the storage I need between a PC, a laptop and multiple flash drives. Right?

Pump Jack Ohio
Old Corn Crib

My addiction extends to organizing too. I can’t just take the pictures. No. Once they’ve gone from my phone to other storage devices, they have to go into file folders for bridges, buildings, landscapes, people… Do I name them all too? Well, no. Not with most of them. I mean, I’m that crazy obsessed that I would; it’s just that I don’t have the time. I do have to work and write and eat and sleep…sometime.

Posing Bird at Niagara Falls

Fresh StumpThe photos you see throughout this post were taken over the past six months or so right around here, where I live in a tiny village in north central Ohio, in the Lake Erie/Presque Isle region of Pennsylvania, at Niagara Falls from the Canadian side… you name it.

So, that’s my secret addiction. What’s yours?