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Paris Adrift by Vanda – Cover and Blurb Reveal

Are you ready for a sneak peek of Paris Adrift, the third novel in the ‘Juliana’ series, by Vanda? I am!

I did an interview with Vanda a couple of weeks ago, here on my blog. At the time, Juliana, the first book in a soon to be three books (and counting) historical romance series, was going on short-term sale. I’m sorry you missed the sale, but you can still get Juliana, and the second book in the series, Olympus Nights on the Square, exclusively at Amazon for $3.99 each or read them free via Kindle Unlimited.

Vanda will be releasing the third book, Paris Adrift soon. She revealed the cover a couple of days ago and it’s gorgeous! Check it out:

The book cover for Paris Adrift by Vanda

Our mutual author friend, Niamh Murphy, released the jacket blurb on her blog yesterday. In case you missed it, here it is:

How will Alice tell Juliana she must do what she most fears—because if she doesn’t, something even worse will happen?

Paris-bound, 1955. Alice “Al” Huffman can’t wait to reach the City of Light. As soon as their ship arrives, Juliana’s singing career will get the spotlight it deserves.

Before the SS United States hits land, a stranger approaches Al with a Broadway contract for Juliana. But the offer comes with a threat that can destroy them both. If Al can’t find a way out, Juliana’s comeback will come crashing down around their heads.

As she hides the awful truth from Juliana, Al searches for an answer before another obstacle destroys their last chance for happiness…

Paris Adrift is the third novel in a breathtaking LGBT historical romance series, which can also be read as a standalone. If you like suspense, characters who tug at your heartstrings, and true-to-life portrayals of 1950s Paris, then you’ll love award-winning writer Vanda’s stunning new addition to the series.

Vanda says the book will be out late this month or in early April. I’m ready for it!