Romance and Mystery eBook Giveaways

I just wanted to post a quick note today. There are a couple of eBook giveaways going on over at BookFunnel that you might be interested in. All the books are free…in exchange for your email address to the author. You can download as many as you like in your preferred format, to your favorite device.

The first of the two eBook Giveaways is ‘Amazing Romance‘. There are 67 books in all by nearly as many authors. They range from historical to contemporary, straight to lesbian (mine – Broken Women), and sweet to sexy. I don’t believe any M/M fiction is in this group, but I could be wrong. There seem to be plenty of stories about brides, billionaires, the mafia and so forth, though! And, there are plenty of bare-chested male covers to go around.

Amazing Romance eBook Giveaway

The other eBook giveaway is ‘Amazing Mysteries‘.  There are 15 books in the group including my cozy mystery, The Passed Prop. These are primarily mystery/suspense novels with a few cozies, a puzzler and a couple of mystery/thrillers in the mix. In other words, there’s something for every mystery reader’s tastes.

Amazing Mystery eBook Giveaway HeaderGet some free books and try out a few new to you authors. Come back and let me know what you picked up and how you liked it.

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Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Anyone?

My wife works for a company that likes to send her to another part of the state for training a couple of times a year. The last time was late in March, for a week. I’m not a huge TV person. We have a few shows we watch together and that’s about it. We both like movies though. She loves the dancing, singing feel-good kind and I do too, to a point. I like mysteries even better. I tend to fill up the DVR with all the mystery movies that will fit and then watch them in the evenings when she’s away.

That’s what I did in March. For a couple of weeks, before she left, I scanned Spectrum’s listings and recorded all of the mysteries I could find, that I hadn’t already seen. Back when I was a younger devotee of all things sleuthing, I loved shows like ‘Murder, She Wrote’. I watched every episode. These days, that show and several other oldies but goodies play on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. That channel has, in the last few weeks, been a boon to my mystery movie watching habit.

Real Murders Aurora Teagarden Book 1I recorded a few ‘Murder, She Wrote’ episodes for old times sake but I was more intrigued by all of the original ‘cozy’ style mystery movies playing on the channel. There were mysteries based on the Aurora Teagarden series of books by Charlaine Harris (of Sookie Stackhouse book and television series fame). Aurora, or Roe, as she is more commonly known, is a woman after my own heart, a crime-solving librarian.

Garage Sale Stalker by Suzi WeinertThen, there are the  ‘Garage Sale Mystery’ movies starring Lori Loughlin in stories that revolved around sinister things that happen surrounding items she buys at yard sales, garage sales, estate sales and so forth. The sort of ‘shopping’ that’s always been a hobby of mine. The movie series is based on the Garage Sale Mystery series of books by Suzi Weinert.

A High End FinishIt didn’t stop there.  Hallmark has produced mysteries starring singer/songwriter (and poet) Jewell; the Fixer-Upper Mysteries’. She and Colin Ferguson go around renovating old Victorian homes and solving crimes. Those movies are based on the popular Fixer Upper Mysteries‘Series by author Kate Carlisle.

Murder in the court house by Nancy GraceAlso, there are the Hailey Dean Mystery movies based on the book series written by former television legal and political commentator, Nancy Grace. Hailey is a former prosecutor so there’s an element of the legal professional aspect to these books and movies.

And, let’s not forget the original, made for TV (by Hallmark) ‘Mystery Woman’ movies starring Kellie Martin that aren’t based on actual books, but that take place inside the ‘Mystery Woman’ bookstore. There are 11 separate cozy style movies that are among the first Hallmark mystery movie productions. Hallmark first aired them from 2003 to 2007. They’re enjoying quite a resurgence.

There are other series, of course. I recorded a couple of dozen of these little 2-hour gems…as many as my older model DVR would hold. I’m still going through them and occasionally watching or recording ones I missed in the first go around. This weekend, there’s a new Aurora Teagarden one on, ‘Reap What You Sew‘. It doesn’t seem to be based on a specific Harris book, but I’ve already got it set to record; just in case I’m involved in ‘life’ and I can’t stop to watch.

I put a video link in here for a sneak preview but, in case it doesn’t work, here’s the direct link: Reap What You Sew Sneak Peak. 

I’ve enjoyed my little breaks, watching books I’ve loved and stories that are similar to them come to life on our not so small screen. I dare say, I’ve even learned a couple of things about the construct of a good mystery. Those things said, I find mysteries adapted for television from books all a bit lacking when it comes to the element of surprise and the presentation of clues.

I’ve been able to easily solve the identities of the killers early on in most of the movies. There’s typically a visual clue that gives it away if you’re sharp-eyed enough to catch it the first time it’s presented. As a writer of these sorts of puzzles, I just sit there and think, ‘that thing they just showed, that’s going to be important later.’

 In so many of these movies, the obvious suspects are never the killer. Never. It’s typically a bit player, someone who’s been helping the sleuth all along or someone who doesn’t seem like a major player until the third act…what would be the last few chapters of a book. Often, I’ve noticed, the killer has an unwilling accomplice who covers for them out of fear for his or her own life or out of some sense of misplaced loyalty. Sometimes this person becomes the second victim. Other times, he or she hangs on to the bitter end and goes down with the killer or has a change of heart and gives the killer up.

Knowing the killer early doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the movies. I still get a kick out of them. What it does do – with the ones based on books – is make me go back to the original novel and see what the author did to hide the killer. You certainly don’t get visual cues in a book. To keep you guessing, the author needs to weave a good story around the clues she drops.

How are you at solving the crimes in a mystery movie?

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Lesfic Science Fiction and Fantasy Preview Giveaway

A group of my lesfic author friends recently had a discussion about the lack of ‘visibility’ for lesbian-themed science fiction and fantasy works written by…well, you know, lesbians. It’s not that women aren’t writing books featuring lesbian characters and other strong female characters – who don’t get killed off – that appeal to sci-fi and fantasy readers. Not at all. It’s that our preferred publishing houses are so focused on the hot-selling romance genre that they produce few of these works and only promote them (as with most books they publish) in the month or so after release. There’s very little visibility for them.

Some traditionally published lesfic writers are writing science fiction and fantasy. Many indie authors are. In an effort to give these genres more visibility inside the realm of lesfic, twelve women have formed an alliance to bring you previews of their work. There are 15 samples in all of dystopia, Sci-fi and fantasy; all as different as the women who created them and all free for the asking.

Lesfic Science Fiction and Fantasy Preview Giveaway

The previews included and their authors:

The Lesfic Fantasy and Sci-Fi sampler page is alive with previews of all of the books now. Feel free to check it out and enjoy!


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Dragon Essence: A Prequel to the Dark Age Trilogy is Coming Soon!

I need to get moving! All of my author friends are releasing cool new stuff. Niamh Murphy has Dragon Essence up for pre-order now on Amazon for only $.99. It’s a prequel to the Dark Ages Trilogy she’s been promising us and teasing us with for the past month or so. The link is universal. You can use it to buy it on Amazon in your home country. The official release day is April 1st, just a few days away.

I’m assuming, as with Niamh’s other books, this will be available to read free via Kindle Unlimited, once it’s released.

The Jacket Copy for Dragon Essence:

Dragon Essence: A Prequel to the Dark Age Trilogy by Niamh MurphyThe Gods will be Conquered.

A lover lost in battle. An offer she can’t refuse. A price she might not be able to pay.

When Andra, a Captain in the formidable Dragon Guard, sees her lover killed in a vicious wizard duel, a grizzled half-mage offers a chance to bring her back from the dead.

But the offer is not without a price.

Torn between her honour and her heart, Andra has until first light to obtain the life essence of a dragon she has sworn to protect or lose the woman she loves forever.

This is a short prequel story to the epic fantasy trilogy, Dark Age, set in a world of knights and magic, where dragons are worshipped as Gods. For lovers of Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and kick-ass women-warriors who battle dragons.

How’s that sound?! I can hardly wait for this, let alone for the trilogy!

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Confronting Darkness: Salvaggio’s Light Book 7 Released

My friend and fellow author C.L. Cattano has just released Book 7 in her Salvaggio’s Light serial series, Confronting Darkness. If you’ve been following along with the serial, you can get this book at Amazon right now. C.L. is working hard to get it uploaded to many other retailers so please stay tuned. Other sites will follow soon.

I interviewed C.L. here last June. Time flies! She only had four books in this planned 10-book series out then. When I met up with her at the GCLS Conference in Chicago last July, she was gearing up for number five. Now, with Confronting Darkness, I’m seven books in and being sucked in further and further following Rafe along through her life. If you haven’t stepped out on this journey yet, I highly recommend these books.

One caveat: Read them in order! It will be so worth it, if you start at the beginning.

Now then, for those of you that have already read books 1-6, here’s the synopsis for Book 7:

Confronting Darkness

Confronting Darkness: Salvaggios Light Book 7Welcome back to Salvaggio’s Light, the epic contemporary romance series delving into the life of Rafe Salvaggio and the many people in her life—from family and friends to lovers and enemies.

Get ready to settle back into this drama-filled romance entwined with comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love with Confronting Darkness, the next step in the journey.

Rafe Salvaggio was left behind in Mexico and has to decide where she is going next. Eden Kingsley and their other friends can do nothing but wait and hope Rafe will come home. Katheryn Hardam has a new client who may be the key to stopping the Stewards group. She has new information and must decide if she only shows it to Eden or if she shows it to Rafe as well. Julia Hawthorn decides to help Eden and gets their friends involved. The issue is will her help be hindered by old jealousy or will she be able to put her feelings aside.

You won’t want to miss any of the action in this epic drama as Confronting Darkness, book seven of the Salvaggio’s Light serial, continues the journey of this epic contemporary romance.

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Paris Adrift by Vanda – Cover and Blurb Reveal

Are you ready for a sneak peek of Paris Adrift, the third novel in the ‘Juliana’ series, by Vanda? I am!

I did an interview with Vanda a couple of weeks ago, here on my blog. At the time, Juliana, the first book in a soon to be three books (and counting) historical romance series, was going on short-term sale. I’m sorry you missed the sale, but you can still get Juliana, and the second book in the series, Olympus Nights on the Square, exclusively at Amazon for $3.99 each or read them free via Kindle Unlimited.

Vanda will be releasing the third book, Paris Adrift soon. She revealed the cover a couple of days ago and it’s gorgeous! Check it out:

The book cover for Paris Adrift by Vanda

Our mutual author friend, Niamh Murphy, released the jacket blurb on her blog yesterday. In case you missed it, here it is:

How will Alice tell Juliana she must do what she most fears—because if she doesn’t, something even worse will happen?

Paris-bound, 1955. Alice “Al” Huffman can’t wait to reach the City of Light. As soon as their ship arrives, Juliana’s singing career will get the spotlight it deserves.

Before the SS United States hits land, a stranger approaches Al with a Broadway contract for Juliana. But the offer comes with a threat that can destroy them both. If Al can’t find a way out, Juliana’s comeback will come crashing down around their heads.

As she hides the awful truth from Juliana, Al searches for an answer before another obstacle destroys their last chance for happiness…

Paris Adrift is the third novel in a breathtaking LGBT historical romance series, which can also be read as a standalone. If you like suspense, characters who tug at your heartstrings, and true-to-life portrayals of 1950s Paris, then you’ll love award-winning writer Vanda’s stunning new addition to the series.

Vanda says the book will be out late this month or in early April. I’m ready for it!


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Welcome Bookbub Buyers of Broken Women

Welcome Bookbub buyers of Broken Women! Thank you very much for purchasing the book. Thank you also for visiting my home on the web. It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Just a little background on me…

I started writing with mysteries. My ten-book series – and counting – The Morelville Mysteries, is a lesfic themed mystery/romance series that actually gave birth to a cozy mystery series spin-off and also to the book you just bought. The book stands entirely alone from the series, but characters in it are right out of Morelville…in a roundabout sort of way. Some of my readers were asking for a little more and many asked me to try my hand at romance. Broken Women was the result.

Frankly, readers love to take me to task, and I have to admit, I love hearing what they have to say. Broken Women ends happily but it’s a ‘happy for now’ sort of ending. Again, lesfic romance lovers clamored for more. I released a follow-up to it, Healing Embrace, in 2017. Both books stand alone but I certainly recommend reading Broken Women first and then Healing Embrace, if you want the full story.

Of course, some readers were still not satisfied. As a reader myself, I ask, are we ever? To appease everyone and for my own sense of closure, there will be one more book featuring those particular leading ladies released late this year. The title is to be determined. Maybe we’ll have ourselves a contest to name the book.

Now, since I’m being so honest here, I have to tell you that romance is not easy for me to write. I grew up reading mysteries. It was a natural progression to writing those when I first took up with an idea for a book and a keyboard. I read some romance as a teenager and into my early adult years, but what I read didn’t really reflect the things I felt. I’m sure many of you can identify with that.

I discovered lesfic romance through fan fiction, like so many of us did. It’s only been the last couple of years that I’ve been reading novels and novellas that tell stories I can relate to. Writing those isn’t quite the natural fit that mysteries are. I struggled to make sure those two novels were the best I could make them. Not willing to give up, last year, I wrote five short stories based on lesbian romantic themes, the ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ series. They’re out as individual stories and as a compilation of the five. They were fun to write, they sharpened my skills a little and they got the juices flowing to try some different things when it comes to romance.

Christmas Cakes and KissesAt Christmas time, I released a sweet, new adult romance, Christmas Cakes and Kisses. Christmas Cakes, as I call it, doesn’t contain any sex. It’s just a feel good, finding something you might not have known was missing, kind of story. And, yes, one of the leads is right out of Morelville. Oh, I can write stuff that doesn’t start or end there, if that’s what you’re thinking. None of the ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ stories even takes place in Ohio…yet. Ohio is a purple state. I’ve planned some more of those for this year. I’ll probably be doing them for as long as we have red states.

Again, many thanks for purchasing Broken Women today and happy reading!

Questions? Hit me up via the contact link above. I LOVE hearing from readers.

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Great Deals on Great eBooks

Do I have some deals for you! This is ‘Read an eBook Week’ so this blog post is going to be all about free and seriously discounted eBooks. If you’re not interested in good deals on ebooks, then read no further. We can chat again some other time.

Still here? Great!

Disclaimer: Much of what follows is self-serving, because everything includes deals on my books, but please keep reading because there’s something here for everyone.

Sullied Sally Book CoverFirst up, You may have heard I have a new release, Sullied Sally. It’s the 10th book in my lesfic themed mystery series, ‘The Morelville Mysteries’. This one is all mystery in a very police procedural style featuring Sheriff Mel Crane, her Detectives Shane Harding and Janet Mason and her new sparring partner, Deputy DA Andrea Anderson. Oh, I almost forgot…her old nemesis, her stalker, Sally Loring, turns up in this installment too.

You can get it for just $.99 for a very limited time by clicking the link above and visiting the book page on this site or by clicking the graphic to the left (a universal buy link).

Broken Women Book CoverNext is my lesfic romance, Broken Women. It’s been around a little while, It’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence here lately. You can grab it for $.99 too for a few more days. The link will take you to the book page for the full synopsis while clicking the graphic on the right will take you right to universal purchase links.

Now then, who’s a cozy mystery fan?

My cozy mystery, The Passed Prop is in this bundle of six, full-length (1325 pages) cozy mystery novels by six different authors. It’s been out for a couple of weeks or so at $7.99. Starting today, for just a few days, you can get it for $.99. If you’re a cozy fan, you can’t pass this deal for Cozy Winter Reads up.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the mega-eBook sale going on for ‘Read an eBook Week’ over at Smashwords.

All of my books are on sale over there. A few are free. The rest are at least 50% off. 75,000 other books are also discounted at least 25%. Check it out! The link above will take you directly to my profile and my sale books. The graphic below will take you to the full sale. Happy reading!

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Vanda Rules! An Interview with the Author of Juliana

I’m talking today with Vanda, the author of the Juliana series, which takes the reader through the decades of modern LGBT history.  So far, she has published two books in the series: Juliana, Book 1: 1941-1944 and Olympus Nights on the Square, Book 2: 1945-1955.  Book 3, Paris, Adrift will be out soon.  She is shooting for a late March or early April release.

Juliana by VandaVanda is excited to have Juliana featured in a BookBub Newsletter on March 6, where it will be on sale for $.99.  She hopes everyone who hasn’t read it will grab a copy at this price and will tell their friends about it.

This series, says Vanda, is not only for LGBT folks.  It’s important that LGBT folks know their history and know about the sacrifices that were made so that they could enjoy the freedoms they have today. But it is also a book for straight folks too. As one Amazon Reviewer said, “But this is not a ‘gay’ book any more than a novel set in a concentration camp is a Jewish book.  This is a book about people dealing with oppression while they try to live large.  This is of universal interest.”

I’ve read Juliana and enjoyed it immensely. I’ve started reading Olympus Nights on the Square as well. These are detailed, well-researched books that lead me into several questions for Vanda:

What kind of research do you do for your books, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

Let’s start with the last part of your question first. I don’t do very much research at all before I begin the book.  I have no special knowledge of the 1940s and 50s.  Life was different for LGBT folks and for women and for racial minorities like African Americans. I’m absolutely insistent that my research be accurate, but I don’t know specifically what I’m going to need until I begin the book.  I write the book and do the research at the same time. This way I stay excited about what I’m learning and I’m not just tacking on bits of research that I gathered and stuck in a notebook.  Doing the two at the same time, of course, slows down the writing of the first draft, but since I’m having so much fun I don’t care.  In the second draft, I double check my research findings. I may be still checking in draft three or four or whatever.

 So, how long on average does it take you to write a book?

I have one book that took more than twenty years to write; it might be closer to thirty and I’m still not sure it’s finished.  It was my first novel besides the one I wrote in eighth grade.  Book 1 of my Juliana series took about four years to write, but I was also writing much of Book 2 at the same time.  Book 3 I finished in about four months.  That’s a record for me.  Book 4 is coming along quickly too.  I think I finally have control of my craft and can finish much more carefully than before without sacrificing quality.

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading stories/etc. come from?

I think a lot of people aren’t going to like this answer, but it’s the only one I can come up with.  Genes. My environment did very little to encourage my love of books or my writing ability. There was no storytelling around the kitchen table.  My mother was always yelling at my father for reading the newspaper during supper. My mother had no love of books and could not understand how or why school was so important to me or why I wanted to go to college.  She thought I was “odd.” My father, on the other hand, had been an excellent English student in high school.  He got the only perfect English Regents in the town and he won an essay contest in high school.  However, despite the GI bill, he did not go to college to develop his talent.  He used to read fiction and non-fiction history books in the home, but he never talked about them in the house. (Both my sister and I have a love of history, which must’ve come from genes, since there were never any history discussions in the house.

In eighth grade, I had an inspiring English teacher and that led me to write my first novel.   Then There were a lot discouraging teachers too, which led me far away from my writing and I didn’t start back again until I was in my forties.  The reason I attribute my writing mostly to a strong gene is because there were so many reasons I shouldn’t be writing today, so many roadblocks and yet it kept coming back.  This time it’s here to stay.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you feel were influential in your work?

When I was in high school my twelfth-grade English teacher gave us a huge list (pages and pages) of books we should read.  She never really expected us to read it, but for me this list was my personal gold mine.  It had all the classics from different countries on it.  In the warmer months I would sit in our backyard under an old Maple tree and read The Brontes, Somerset Maugham, Steinbeck, Turgenev, Dickins and on, and on. There was one book I took from my father’s shelf that was about a cowboy who lived among the Indians.  I loved that book and I read it twice.  I wish I could remember it’s title. I’d like to find it again. I devoured all these books and I was in heaven.  The writers on my teacher’s list influenced me. Reading their books for the first time gave me such special memories.  I still carry Heathcliff and Mrs. Habersham with me wherever I go.  I wanted to do for others what these did for me. Take people out of the humdrum or worse real worlds they live in and introduce them to characters they could keep with them always.

Do you write more by logic or intuition, or some combination of the two? Pantser of plotter?

I am definitely a Pantser.  Surprise is limited if I plot it all out.  The surprise—the one that even surprises me—is what makes writing special.  I would never want to lose this.  But, I’m not going to lie and say I have never done a little outlining because I have. I’ve never outlined a whole book or play.  Only small portions that gave me trouble.

What projects are you working on at the present?

I just finished Book 3 which takes place in Paris.  I’m now diligently working on Book 4, which take my characters from 1956 to 1958, I think.  The fifties and the sixties were an especially awful time to be gay so I’m devoting a number of books to this time period.   I also have a spin-off book in the thinking stages.  This will be about one of the characters from Book I.  Then I’m also in the thinking stages of a book that is not part of the series.  It is a true story about someone who experienced the horrors of being a lesbian in the 1960s.  I’ve recorded an interview with this person.  Now, I just have to figure out when will be a good time to dig in and write it.

Given all of this, I have to ask – but I think I know the answer – does writing energize or exhaust you?  

Both  While I’m writing I’m frequently unconscious of the process or I go in and out of being conscious of what I’m doing.  Whenever I’m too conscious, meaning my ego is sticking out. telling me what a wonderful writer I am, I yell out loud, “Shut up!”  Keeping ego out of the process can be exhausting.  But when things are going smoothly and I am one with the work, I am totally energized and completely happy.  I don’t think I’ve ever known that kind of joy in real life.  Sometimes I’m so alive with the characters—I mean I can feel them, practically touch them, when I know exactly what they’d do in a particular situation, I am high, energized.  But at the end of a day of that I’m also exhausted.  It just takes me a little while to notice.  After a highly energized day, no way will I be ready for a night on the town.  But you know, I don’t care.  I have what is the best.

A couple of questions for fun?


What item, that you don’t already have, would you like to own?

I’m not sure if this qualifies as an item, because it isn’t something you can hold in your hand.  I dream someday of having a balcony or a terrace.  Now, of course, I am unlikely to have anyone come along and build one onto my current apartment.  That means I also have to find a new apartment.  But I dream of summer days looking out on the city and writing my novels.  This is something I’ve wanted for a long time.  Maybe my books will take off and someday I’ll be able to get an apartment with this dream terrace.

Anne: That’s an interesting and unexpected answer but I can see how that could be life-changing for an author that is a city dweller.

What’s your passion?

Writing my books.  I never feel more connected to something higher than myself than when I am writing my novels.

Anne: Why am I not surprised?

One last question; Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will recognize?

 Occasionally I drop a detail that is specifically for my lesbian readers without explaining it.

Here’s the blurb for Juliana:

She went looking for fame and found her true self, instead.

New York City, 1941. Alice “Al” Huffman and her childhood friends are fresh off the potato farms of Long Island and bound for Broadway. Al’s plans for stage success are abruptly put on hold when she’s told she has no talent. As she gets a job to pay for acting classes, Al settles into a normal life with her friends and a boyfriend. It all changes when she meets Juliana.

A singer on the brink of stardom, Juliana is everything Al isn’t: glamorous, talented, and queer. The farm girl is quickly enthralled, experiencing thoughts and feelings she never realized were possible. Al finds herself slipping between two worlds: the gay underground and the “normal” world of her childhood friends. It’s a balancing act she can handle until the two worlds begin to collide.

In a city bursting with change, can Alice find what she was looking for all along?

Get Juliana tomorrow, March 6th, 2018 for just $.99 exclusively at Amazon or read it free via Kindle Unlimited.

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Sullied Sally: The Morelville Mysteries Book 10 is Out!

I’m happy to announce, at long last, Book 10 of The Morelville Mysteries Series, Sullied Sally, is out. It was released on March 3rd, wide, to multiple eBook retailers. More are being added daily. A paperback version will follow shortly.

The synopsis for ‘Sullied Sally’

An unsolved murder, more than 40 years in the past, leads to the discovery of a new victim and the return of an old stalker.

Sullied Sally Book CoverAfter a blow to the head, Owen Lafferty lied dying, alone in a cabin, far out in the woods and far from home. He was found by Dana Rossi-Crane as she happened along, chasing around the threads of a 1972 unsolved murder involving her mother-in-law, Faye and Owen and his family. Dana’s efforts were too little, too late to save Owen.

With the two murders, 40 some years apart, looking like they’re related, a cast of suspects now in their sixties and seventies and a wife who won’t stay out of her cases, Sheriff Mel Crane already has her hands full. A new Deputy District Attorney coming in and horning in on her investigation and the return of her old stalker, don’t help matters.

Can Mel solve either case? Can she convince the new Deputy DA that she’s not hiding evidence to protect her family? Is Sally’s reason for showing back up in Mel’s life legitimate or a ruse to get close to her again? Will Dana butt out? Stay tuned!

Sullied Sally is currently available for just $.99 – for a limited time – at Amazon, Apple iBooks and at Kobo. It will be out with all major retailers soon. Keep an eye out, because this price won’t last long!

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