The Fall Into Books Giveaway

Just a short note today to let you know about a great giveaway with only a few days left to run. It’s getting cooler in the northern hemisphere. You know what that means, right? It means the annual, Litring ‘The Fall Into Books Giveaway’ is back. Litring has gathered over 100 authors across many genres for you to cozy up to and check out their books in the Giveaway.

The Fall into Books GiveawayAfter taking a look at these new authors, be sure to enter for your chance to win one of FIVE $50 gift cards. You can use that to buy several books to cozy up with during the colder months ahead. All you have to do to enter is follow authors you like on Bookbub. What could be simpler?

There are lots of authors to choose from in genres like romance and mystery and so many more. My fellow lesfic authors Vanda and Clair Highton-Stevenson are both listed with me in the LGBT main category because we could only pick one. Vanda has been interviewed here on this blog. She writes some amazing historical fiction. Clair writes contemporary romance with a twist. You can follow all three of us and get at least three chances to win one of those gift cards.

Hurry! This giveaway is only open for a limited time. You have 4 days left!

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Finding Sheila is Out

Finding Sheila, the 11th book in the Morelville Mysteries series is now out, and available almost everywhere eBooks are sold. This book finds Dana in a world of hurt when she’s deputized to do a seemingly simple job – transport a prisoner from Tennessee to Ohio – and she manages to lose the prisoner. Of course, the ‘prisoner’ is Sheila Ford, the Morelville woman convicted of manslaughter for killing her husband’s illicit lover when her shot missed him and hit her instead. You had to figure I wasn’t going to leave that whole mess alone, didn’t you?

The Full Blurb for Finding Sheila:

A woman, imprisoned for manslaughter, disappears without a trace during transport between states and it’s all up to Dana to find her.

Finding Sheila: The Morelville Mysteries - Book 11Sheila Ford traveled to Tennessee planning to commit an act of pre-meditated murder on her husband. Her lone shot at him misses and kills his lover instead. After pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge, she’s locked away in a Tennessee prison for women. Everyone back home in Ohio wrote her off. She wasn’t eligible for a parole hearing for seven years.

When Jennifer Coventry calls begging Sheriff Mel Crane to bring her ailing mother home to Ohio to serve out the rest of her sentence in the county jail, close to home, Mel is reluctant but gives in. The only problem is, she’s short staffed and can’t send a deputy to do the transport. She deputizes Dana to do the duties.

Dana planned to go to Tennessee anyway, to look at a vacation cabin for herself and Mel. A little detour over to Nashville to connect with Sheila and the ambulance transporting her to Ohio won’t be hard, she thought…until everything that could go wrong does, ending up with Sheila disappearing during a rest stop. A multi-state manhunt is on to find the escaped convict and return her to prison, but the circumstances of her disappearance go far deeper than anyone could have imagined.

This book is great together with Books 1-10 of The Morelville Mysteries series but it can also be read as a stand-alone mystery.

This resolves a thread left hanging in Book 10, Sullied Sally, but it calls some things into question, especially for Sheriff Mel. Stay tuned for the future debut of Book 12, Tennessee Bound.



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The Intimate Lives Of Our Detectives

Hi there, Anne here. Welcome to, The Intimate Lives Of Our Detectives, a guest post by the Carpenter and Harding mystery series novelist, and the author of multiple romance books, Barbara Winkes. Actually, Barbara has written some great books in several genres so let me just dispense with trying to run them all down for you and give you her bio:

Barbara Winkes, born in a small town in Germany, has been telling stories from a young age. She has a degree in psychology and worked in the field for several years. One day she decided to go on a vacation to Paris, where she first met her future wife. Two years later, they married in Québec City.

While waiting for her residency application to be reviewed, she had the chance to focus on writing full-time. Eventually, she signed with a small press but decided later to become hybrid-, and then indie-published. She became a Canadian citizen meanwhile. Besides writing, she loves to read, to travel and to explore new cities and restaurants with her wife.

She has written more than twenty titles in different genres. Women loving women always take the lead.

Anne: Her contact and social media links follow this post. Check them out for more about all of her mysteries, romances, thrillers and more.

The Intimate Lives Of Our Detectives:

Anne: I have some older blog posts I post to Twitter from time to time. One is, Mystery with a Little Sex, or Sex with a Little Mystery? The last time it posted, Barb and I got into a discussion about it. She made some interesting points. I asked her to elaborate a little here. So, take it away Barb!

Barbara Winkes: Thank you for having me!

Let’s get right to the question about the intimate lives of our detectives – how much sex is “appropriate” in crime fiction?

For me, there is no one right answer. I have written romantic suspense and thrillers with varying degrees of graphic scenes. It depends on various factors how much ends up on the page. For example, in a serial, the excitement of the main characters meeting for the first time is often tied into a case—both in lesfic and mainstream, and the relationship is told in more detail.

Indiscretions, the first book in my Carpenter/Harding series, deals with a serial killer that targets women he considers leading an “immoral” lifestyle. At the beginning, one of the lead characters is still in an, albeit dysfunctional relationship. I added a little more detail here, because it fits with the theme of the story: Mistakes, paying the price, but also judgment and hypocrisy surrounding the subject of what a person would consider “moral.”

In the later books, the main characters’ relationship continues to mature, and the cases they are confronted with, differ.

Infatuations Carpenter Harding 7Anne: The newest release in the Carpenter/Harding series by Barb is Infatuations. It’s Book 7 in the series, released in June. If you’re not familiar with the series, I suggest you wait to read the latest book and start with Indiscretions.

Barb: In a standalone book, it’s different. There’s simply less room. Do characters even have time for a relationship, and if they make time, what does it mean to them? A desperate moment? A promise of the future?

The main character could be single, by choice or circumstance, or in a platonic relationship, or…any orientation or identity. The possibilities are endless.

I’m also a reader, and I’m open to all of them, as long as the author tells me the “what” and the “why”. I think when dealing with adult characters, it makes sense to talk about their intimate lives, the reasons why they are or aren’t in a relationship. It adds to their persona, and I think it’s important even if the genre is not romance.

As a reader (and as a writer) I’m always curious about that aspect. How much detail? That’s up to the characters. They know best, after all.

Anne: I agree. Sex for the sake of having a sex scene in the book because of an expectation that doesn’t necessarily fit the mystery genre is misplaced. The relationship is more important and, you’re right, the characters know best.

Let’s switch gears now. You recently released Infatuations and I see you’ve been promoting the new release of the audiobook version of your best selling thriller, The Amnesia Project with T.J. Richards narrating. She’s amazing. I wish you as much success for the audio version as you had with the book.

Barb: Thank you.

Anne: So what’s next? Another Carpenter & Harding? Another romance?

Barb: Actually, I’ve got a dystopian novel coming out soon, Cypher.

Cypher by Barbara WinkesCyphers are assigned a number, a place to live and to work in exchange for giving up rights and freedoms most take for granted. Ami Moore finds herself trapped in what was sold to her as a temporary solution, and her situation gets worse when she is framed and accused of stealing. Ami isn’t certain whether Inspector Katlena Cervantes will be her ally or enemy–but the two women’s fates are tied together from the day they first meet.

Anne: Okay, true confessions time here. I’m a fan of the Leah Remini reality show, ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’. Your description made me think of that and sent a cold shiver down my spine. I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Want to know more about Barb, how she thinks, what makes her tick and what sets her off? She’s out there on social media and she blogs. Check it all out, below.

Thanks for joining me today Barb and thanks to all of you reading this!

Connect with Barbara Winkes:



Twitter: @Barbara Winkes




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Confessions from the Heart – Free for a Limited Time

In Confessions from the Heart, the full-length prequel novel to the Confessions Series by T. B. Markinson, Cori Tisdale first meets Kat Finn.

Confessions of the Heart by TB MarkinsonCori Tisdale fears she’ll never find a woman who loves her for her and not because she has a famous mother and rich uncle.

In an attempt to protect herself, she fills the void in her life with a “friends with benefits” relationship. That is until Cori meets the beautiful and mysterious Kat Finn.

Cori quickly falls for the artist, and not everyone in her life is happy about it. Will Cori be forced to choose between love and friendship?

Confessions from the Heart is a smart and funny prequel to the best-selling lesbian romance series. If you like quirky characters, witty dialogue, and well-crafted prose, then you’ll love T. B. Markinson’s heartfelt series.

The book is free for a limited time from Amazon and always free to read via Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US | UK | CA | AU | IN

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Notes from Elizabeth Andre, Author of Lesbian Light Reads

My blog has been taken over today by my friend and fellow author, Elizabeth Andre. Elizabeth writes the popular story series, Lesbian Light Reads. I’ve enjoyed the individual stories for their sheer diversity of race and age…among other things. They’ve also been collected into the Light Reads sets. But, rather than me tell you about the stories, I’ll let her tell you about them, and about why she writes them. Having read through this, I found I learned a lot about Elizabeth Andre that I didn’t know.

Do you want a special deal on one of the sets? Please read all the way down…

Now then, take it away, Ms. Andre!

Why Lesbian Light Reads?

My ‘Lesbian Light Reads‘ series has 12 volumes, and a thirteenth is due out soon. Anne asked me how I came to write them; where they came from. So, where did they come from?

I write the Lesbian Light Reads series because our lives are stressful enough. I want to write lush, low-drama love stories featuring diverse characters who always have happy endings and always enjoy good sex. We all deserve happy endings. We are all worthy of love and light. We all deserve good sex. I’ve been asked how I choose what story to tell. More often than not, the stories choose me.

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 1-6:

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 1-6 Boxed Set by Elizabeth Andre

The first volume, Love’s Perfect Vintage, tells the story of a suburban African-American woman who turns to her mother to find her a date. It was inspired by a real-life friend whose mother hooked her up with a friend’s daughter. You know, it’s the, “Your daughter’s a lesbian – mine is too! Let’s introduce them,” storyline.

Volume 2, Journey to Passion, was written by my good friend Jade Astor. Volume 3, Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same, was inspired by some dogs participating in a pet adoption event at a local hardware store. They were so cute! Bodies in Motion, Volume 4, was inspired by a conversation at a party with a friend who was looking for love. At the very least, she found love in this story. Up until this point, my stories had been interracial. This was my first all-black romance, and it was super fun to write.

Volume 5, Right Time For Love, features two 65-year-old women falling in love, and, yes, having sex. Reall, why should younger women have all the fun? I have very few characters who continue beyond their initial appearance, but I had a minor character in Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same who deserved her own romance.

Volume 6, Landing Love, was my first all-white romance. I’m a former figure skater, but I can’t skate anymore. Landing Love was my way of enjoying ice skating that winter. It brought back lots of wonderful memories. This story also includes my first transgender character. I had been challenged to write one and discovered that it wasn’t that hard. Transgender people are a part of my life, and they are a part of my writing.

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12:

Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12 by Elizabeth AndreI’m a former newspaper reporter, and Volume 7, The Beauty Queen Called Twice, is a homage to my former profession. The 8th volume, Skating on Air, is a love letter to skateboarding, one of my other sports, and a love story between two very different women.

Volume 9, Someone Like Her, is another all-black romance, but this time the two women are from different classes. Volume 10, Roll With Me, is really a love story with myself. I’m a former runner turned wheelchair racer, and this story features, you guessed it, a runner and a wheelchair racer.

In Volume 11, Stop and Go, I feature my first bisexual character. Why? Because why not? Bisexuals are a part of my world. Volume 12, Nice Jewish Girls, was inspired by a reunion with someone I knew in grade school, but you need to read it to find out what happened.

So, where can you get Lesbian Light Reads by Elizabeth Andre?

All of Elizabeth Andre’s books are available at most major retailers. As it happens, the Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12 Boxed Set is now on sale. Usually, $9.99, it is $.99 cents this week. This deal won’t last so get it while you can!

Amazon (A geo-link for all countries)

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The GCLS Con is Gone…Until 2019

The GCLS Con ended two weeks ago, as I write this. My wife and I took a redeye home, landing early Sunday, morning, July 8th after a week of fun and frolic in fabulous Las Vegas. Our wallets were considerably lighter, and not just from the slots, but we had a great time and we both got a much-needed break. Just as important, during the conference portion of the trip, I learned a ton, made several new friends and felt a kinship and a camaraderie with authors and readers that you just don’t get from social media, no matter how much effort you put into it. We’ll never replace the connections we make bonding over shared experiences.

If we’re friends on Facebook, and even if we’re not, you can see multiple photos from our trip (vacation shots!) and of some highlights of the Con on my timeline.

Here are a couple of the GCLS Con highlights for me:

GCLS Con Virgins 2018This was taken by a pro on Tuesday night, inside Buca di Beppo at Bally’s. My wife (front, left) and I had dinner with a group of ‘Con Virgins’, women who had never been to a GCLS Con before. One of our group was a late arrival given her arrival at the con hotel in total. She’s not pictured, but everyone else seemed to be having a great time. Most of us headed over to the Tequila Taqueria (conveniently right next door) for drinks afterward, too. My wife and I ate there for dinner later that week. Great food! And wow, were we stuffed! Everything is expensive in Vegas – no more $7.77 steak dinners just for sitting down in a joint, but they make up for the prices in food quantity and quality. That was evident everywhere we ate.

Indie Author Panel GCLS Con 2018Other highlights happened early Thursday morning, on the first full day of the Con. First, I sat on the indie author panel and we talked about going indie to about a half-full room of aspiring authors. The panelists pictured from left to right are the accomplished authors: Lila Bruce, Karen Badger, me, Michele Reynolds and Suzie Carr. Moderating was hybrid indie/trade published author, Cindy Rizzo.

After that, I got to meet face to face with the crew below, all active participants in the Lesfic Marketing Alliance group on Facebook.

Lesfic Marketing Alliance Members at the GCLS Con 2018

Members of the Lesfic Marketing Alliance: Suzie Carr, Lynette Beers-McCormick, Annette Mori, Anne Hagan and Vanda

We got to chat just a bit that day about books and marketing. Over the course of the conference, I got to have individual talks with all of them. That was both fun and enlightening. Our perspectives are so different, but we all love lesfic or, as many now prefer to call it, women loving women fiction, and we all want to see it grow and continue. I know it will. My author friends – those pictured and so many more – exude enthusiasm for genres found within WLW fiction. Readers are becoming more of a presence online and at the Con that features the books we love.

Looking Ahead to the GCLS Con in Pittsburgh in 2019

I was born and raised in the small town of New Castle, Pennsylvania, about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh. It’s a city I love. I’ve already registered for the 2019 Con in Pittsburgh. It’s July 10th-14th at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown. You can’t stay any closer to where the three rivers meet.

I’ve got a couple of author friends to talk to about proposing another indie panel (or a presentation) and maybe even a master class on marketing. I’m already thinking about a vendor table too and splitting that with a couple of indie friends. Plus, I have a special release planned for just in time for the con.

Want to go? Come on, then! Let’s talk books and writing and have a few days where WLW fiction and the women who love it are all that matter in the world. We’ll rock the Steel City. Register for the Pittsburgh Con right here. See you there!

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The Smashwords July Summer-Winter Sale 2018 Edition

Announcing the Annual Smashwords July             Summer-Winter Sale – 2018 Redux

It’s that time of year again. It’s summer in the northern hemisphere (and already hot, hot, hot) and winter in the southern hemisphere (my condolences for those of you who are not fans of the coldest season…) so it’s time for the annual Smashwords summer/winter sale. Now through July 31st, you can get thousands of books and already discounted boxed sets of books from hundreds of authors from 25% off the usual price to completely free.

Smashwords July Sale 2018

All of my full-length books are available and on sale at the Summer-Winter Sale. You can get the romances, the cozy mysteries, the lesfic mystery/romance books from the Morelville Mysteries series…everything. I’ve even put the boxed sets of the first eight Morelville Mysteries on sale. A couple of my books are free for the month of July. All of the rest of my books, including the boxed sets, are 50% off with coupon. And the best part? The coupon is automatic at checkout, an improvement over the codes and the special shopping sections of previous years. Of course, the special shopping section is still there so you can see everything that’s on sale.

The best thing about buying at Smashwords? You can buy eBooks there in ANY FORMAT, downloadable to any eReader or eReader software you have (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, PDF, Text etc.). Check out the Smashwords home page for complete details. And, here’s my direct link:  Anne Hagan on Smashwords

You can also shop from the sale catalog links on the Smashwords home page.

So pick up some great new reads, cheap for the beach or for in front of the fireplace and enjoy!

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It’s Con Time! – The GCLS Con and the Con Sampler, That is!

I’m off soon to the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) conference in fabulous, sunny (read HOT!) Las Vegas. Last year, before my first GCLS Con, I put together a Con Sampler with three of my full-length books and a short story. I sold it for $.99 all through the month of July, but only on Amazon since the short story was in Kindle Unlimited at the time.

I’ve revived the Con Sampler for this year – at the same low price. And, this time, it’s available wherever eBooks are sold.  You can get it from your e-retailer of choice, right here:  Books2Read Con Sampler. If you don’t see the retailer you prefer (…still waiting on GooglePlay to pick it up), keep checking, or get it in any format you prefer at Smashwords for the same price.

The books included in the Con Sampler are:

The Cover for the Con SamplerDana’s Dilemma, the third book in my lesfic mystery/romance series, ‘The Morelville Mysteries’.

Opera House Ops, the second book in the cozy mystery series I spun off of the lesfic series. It features the 60+ year old mothers of the two main characters in the other series and stands alone from those books.

Broken Women, my first romance novel. It features two lesbian secondary characters who appear in book six of the Morelville Mysteries series, ‘Mad for Mel’. There’s no need to have read that book to get into Broken Women. It stands alone from the series with most of the events in it, taking place prior to the start of the mystery series.

Salt Lake City Utah, the 3rd short story I published in my ‘Loving Blue in Red States’ short story series. Each of the stories in the ‘Loving Blue’ series stands completely alone. ‘Salt Lake’ is a sweet lesfic romance between two twenty-something women.

Please Note: Dana’s Dilemma and Broken Women contain erotic scenes between consenting adult women. If that is distasteful to you, you may want to skip this deal. No hard feelings!

About the GCLS Con…

My wife and I went to Las Vegas for a few days in March of 2016 because that’s where my parents wanted to go to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and enjoyed the whole Freemont Street experience and that vibe.  We only managed to get up to the strip one evening, for a show and only saw a little of it.

We’re away longer this time, and it’s just us…until the Con kicks off on the 4th, anyway. We’re hoping to see and do a bit more, but we’ll see. It’s about 30 degrees hotter there on any given day than it is here in Ohio…which is also unseasonably warm for June.

I know, I know. “It’s a dry heat” out there! I’ve heard it all before. 115+ degrees is still hot, folks!

Anyway, stay tuned here, on Twitter and on Facebook for tidbits from Las Vegas and from the Con, always a good time with other lesfic authors, readers and books…lots and lots of books! I’m on the indie author panel bright and early on Thursday morning, the 5th…no parties after the 4th of July fireworks for me! And I’m doing a reading from my work in progress, Finding Sheila, on Friday the 6th.

If you’re going out for the con, look for me (down low…I’m only 5′ tall), stop me and say hello. I love meeting my fellow authors and our loyal lesfic readers.

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Loving Blue in Red States: Wall South Dakota

The seventh short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series, Wall South Dakota is now out. ‘Wall’ is the story of two forty-something-year-old women, set in their ways, who keep ending up together, trying to find common ground.

For a limited time, it is exclusive to Amazon and free via Kindle Unlimited.

The blurb for Wall:

The Badlands of South Dakota bring two 40-something-year-old women, set in their ways, together, but will they find common ground?

Loving Blue in Red States: Wall South DakotaHeidi spent her high-school years in Wall, while her father served and then later worked as a civilian contractor at the air base near Rapid City after he retired from the Air Force. 25 years later, she travels back as a freelance photojournalist on assignment for a national magazine and has her first run-in with Danielle.

Dani’s a Wall lifer and she likes it that way. She’s on track to retire by the time she’s fifty if she can just keep doing the driving job she loves. She’s been heartbroken. She doesn’t want to go down that road again.

Their attraction is undeniable, but their conflicting life goals stand firmly in the way.

Wall is the seventh short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater TexasBirmingham AlabamaJackson Hole WyomingPerryville MissouriSalt Lake City Utah, and Savannah Georgia . Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series throughout 2018.

The inspiration for the ‘Wall’ story:

Book 3 in this series, Jackson Hole Wyoming, is based, in part, on a trip I took with my former spouse and our son back when my son, now in his twenties, was six years old (nearly seven). Wall, South Dakota has its roots in the early part of the same trip.

We took a nearly two week trip out west where we drove across South Dakota and Wyoming. We visited State Parks, National Parks, National Monuments, museums, caves and so much more along the way. Then there was the big – massive drug store and more in Wall. I can’t even begin to explain it. We saw the buffalo roam, prairie dog towns, saw a moose up close and way too personal, antelope, elk…you name it. As much as we saw, there were many more sites and sights that we never got to. We could have spent another month trying to see everything. It’s a trip I think every American that’s able ought to take.

Minuteman Missile National Historic SiteSome parts of this story are based on that trip. Read my ‘author’s note’ at the end of the story about our transportation issues and you’ll know some of what I’m talking about.

The driver we had back then, actually drove us through an area that no longer exists near Ellsworth Air Force Base. It was an old, old base housing area where she pointed out a place where a Titan missile, she said, once was located underground.

For this story, I couldn’t find a Titan location on any map, but back then, I saw the spot with my very own eyes. I have a feeling it was not a sealed-off Titan launch tube, but one of the original Minuteman missile areas as there were three flights of those built on the base that are no longer there. In the late 1990’s, many of those were removed and obliterated out of existence. Suburban sprawl has replaced a lot of what was once one of the key locations for the nation’s missile defense systems.

The ‘Wall’ story begins with the remaining remnants of the cold war but that’s not really what it’s about. It’s about two women who are very different, or so they think, who have more to give than they each realize.

I hope you enjoy the story.

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Four Novels, One Sale

One of my books, Dana’s Dilemma, Book 3 in my ‘The Morelville Mysteries’ series was on sale for much of May. Well, guess what? It still is! Not only that, now Book 4, Hitched and Tied, is on sale too. Actually, there are four novels on sale in one sale.

I’d like to begin by telling you, if you aren’t familiar with the series, each book contains a new mystery which stands alone…with maybe a small thread that spills over into the next book. However, the story of Mel and Dana, our leading ladies, begins in book one and changes throughout the series. It’s best to read these books in order if you want the whole scoop!

Four Novels:

Four Novels One SaleThe first book in my now ten books and counting lesfic mystery/romance series, Relic, is free everywhere eBooks are sold. It has been free for a long time and, naysayers aside, it always will be.

Busy Bees, Book 2, got reduced to $.99 or the equivalent around the world, a long time ago and I just never sent it back to full price.

Book 3, Dana’s Dilemma, is normally $2.99 US. It’s still on sale for $.99 but it’s going back up soon.

And then there’s Book 4, Hitched and Tied. ‘Hitched’, as I like to call it, has never been on sale. Originally debuting at $2.99, it’s been $3.99 for the past year or so and, soon, it’s going back to $3.99.

One Sale:

So there you have it: four books, one sale. Normally $7.97 total, right now they’re just $2.97…better than the boxed set price of $4.99!

Have one or two? Get the others now. They won’t be this price again for a very long time, if ever!

These are available wherever eBooks are sold. You can get the full book descriptions and universal buy links below:

Relic: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 1 (FREE)

Busy Bees: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 2 ($.99)

Dana’s Dilemma: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 3 ($.99)

Hitched and Tied: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 4 ($.99)

I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading!

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