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Opera House Ops Series Issue Fixed

I goofed, again. What else is new, right?

I was uploading the 7th episode of Opera House Ops all of 10 minutes before I started writing this (it releases Friday, the 30th) and feeling frustrated because Amazon isn’t showing the serial in series order or even in ‘People who bought this also bought…’. People are having to search to see if the next episode is posted.

Before I fired off a polite ‘nastygram’ to Amazon, I took a look at my listings for the books. I wasn’t setting them up quite right and I think that’s was the problem Amazon has. The algorithms can’t recognize what they don’t even see. I did a little rework to them and, hopefully, that fixes the problem. I’ll be emailing them as well, just to be sure but no nastygram since it was my fault, to start with.

Opera House Ops - Episode 7 CoverEpisode 7 is titled ‘Cole’s Conundrum‘. Here’s the quickie synopsis:

A shaken Cole turns to someone for support. What he gets isn’t quite what he expected and then the unexpected happens throwing the village into a whirl.

The saga has passed the halfway point and it’s building toward an ending  in Episode 10 that you won’t see coming, I promise you. Stay tuned!

I’m posting this early this week because, by the end of the week, we’ll be in full haunted house mode around here. Our haunt, Hagan’s House of Horrors, opens on Saturday, October 1st and runs every Friday and Saturday night during October.

Hagans House of Horrors Banner

If you’re in the central Ohio area, why don’t you take a little fall foliage road trip out to see us? You’ll pass through some beautiful countryside, we’ll give you a good scare and then you can go across the street and get a great pizza from a local shop  (Shellie’s Shack) that does them right or out to the Indian Bear Winery for a delicious meal and a glass of the good stuff they make while you take in a local band. After all of that, you can lay your head down in one of the cabins at Indian Bear Lodge (reservations required) or head on home having had a full day and frighting turned relaxing evening.