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Op Ops Episode 2 and a Lesfic Romantic Sequel

Opera House Ops: Episode 2 – Morelville Men’s Club is out as of last night. For those actually buying the episode, it’s been available via pre-order all week.

Opera House Ops - Episode 2 CoverThe synopsis for this episode:

The real culprits of the opera house break-ins get a dose of death to scare them off their game. The question is, who’s the corpse and how did he die?

You can buy it now at Amazon.

In other news, I’ve been hard at work writing a follow up to my lesfic romance novel, Broken Women. For some readers, the ending to the story of Barb and Janet just wasn’t quite as satisfying as they would have liked. Guess what? That wasn’t the end. It was a story that couldn’t be told in one book so it was never my intention to leave anyone hanging. There’s more…lots more!

The sequel is titled, ‘Healing Embrace’. That title comes courtesy of Angela Turnerwray who suggested it in a little challenge I posted to a Facebook group, Angela wins credit in the book for suggesting the title and a copy of it in her choice of format. Look for the book in late September.