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On Writing: Project List – Do You Want to See What’s Inside My Head?

Did you ever wonder what goes on inside a writer’s head when he or she is in full on writing mode? How would you like to take a peek inside my mind for a few minutes? Yeah? Well strap in!

Writer's Brain in Overdrive

Yes, it’s true; I only have one published book. The whole truth is that I’ve been writing for fun, a modicum of fame and even a little bit of pocket change for a few years now. I had a book review blog under a derivative of my real name – Anne Hagan is a pen name – for a few years. I’ve also done gobs of article writing and I’m a regular – under another pen name – at a question and answer site for fun and profit. At any given time, if I’m sitting in front of a computer or tapping on a tablet, I’m writing something. Writers write. It’s what we love.

I let the review blog go a couple of years ago but I kept at the articles until about a year ago. Meanwhile, I’ve continued working the Q&A site daily for two and a half years now. Oh, I’m not getting rich there, not by a long shot but since I’ve decided fiction is my publishing forte, that site lets me keep my hand in writing non-fiction that solves real world problems.

On any given day, at any given time, you might find a me:

  • Answering crazy questions that people dream up to stump so called ‘experts’ like me
  • Dreaming up blog topics that won’t bore readers and send them screaming away
  • Making edits to my first book based on feedback that – while it stings – is spot on
  • Tapping away at the keyboard for the next book in my Morelville series – Busy Bees -and wondering how I can turn a mystery into a romance/mystery and not turn off readers who prefer one genre over the other
  • Thinking ahead to book three – as yet untitled – and scribbling down ideas when, in fact, I’m not even sure about all of the twists and turns in book two yet.
  • Scribbling over things I scribbled down for book three and figuring how they’ll fit into book two while they’re still fresh in my mind
  • Dreaming up ideas for a totally different series or a single novel or a short story and pulling myself away from what I should be working on – Busy Bees – to scribble or type out a basic outline complete with character names, places etc. for said story that just won’t leave my head…
  • Stopping mid stride in any of the above to look something up for clarification and getting drawn in a whole new direction that ends up as part of a current project or part of a future one I have outlined or as part of something else totally different that will stew in my brain until I outline it too to get something on paper before I loose it

WHEW! It’s a mess in there!

Right now, I’m under the gun to finish ‘Busy Bees: The Morelville Mysteries – Book 2’. I told myself it would be done by the end of January. It really should have been. The story, as I’ve gone along and my brain has worked on it, has gotten far more complex. Now, it needs to be done by Valentines Day because I’ve promised it for a promotion. Nothing like a tight deadline to get the juices flowing more!

Oh but if ‘Busy Bees’ where the only book muddling through my writer’s brain! Instead, right now, I’m mulling the overall story line for book three and what has to happen by the end of book two to make book three a plausible, enjoyable follow on. As if that weren’t enough, a week or so ago, after several conversations with other writers and readers about erotic scenes in mystery stories, out of the blue, a story/novella idea came to me that has hot and unique written all over it. I scribbled an outline so I wouldn’t lose any of my ideas but, instead of pushing it aside and doing what I should be, I keep going back and adding to it. I can’t quit thinking about it! I think this might be how everyone gets about sex and erotica, whether it be erotic novels for women, and something like this adult website at or similar for men.

Does it end there? Nope, not a chance! A couple of nights ago I woke up in the middle of a crazy dream. The idea for a tragic, epic romance was born of that. I’ve never written tragedy or pure romance in my life but…again…the idea just won’t let go and I’m going to have to put something down on paper and think about developing that project too. I cry just thinking about scenes I could put in there!

That’s a peak inside my brain right now. Crazy, isn’t it?!