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On Writing: It’s all About Dana

Break time is over! It’s time to ‘write baby write’  like I’ve been implored to do recently. After I published Busy Bees in late February, I planned to take a couple of weeks off from writing and just relax and read. After that, there was a different writing project that I wanted to attempt. I was planning a short novella in a different genre rather than a mystery. I’d already outlined the book and I’ve been stewing scenes for it in my head letting them marinate along until I was ready to write them out.

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Let’s just say that the plan has changed drastically. When I finished Busy Bees, I tied up the two main mystery threads in the story but there were several dangling minor threads that I left open on purpose. I have to have something after all to pick up with in the next book in the series. Well, guess what happened? Those minor threads started gnawing at me immediately. I managed to wait four or five days but then I had to sit down a plot out book three in the Morelville Mystery Series, ‘Dana’s Dilemma’.  I started writing it a couple of days ago.

My spouse is annoyed. She looks forward to my break times when I’m not so focused on a book that even when I’m not writing per se, I’m always stopping to jot down ideas or plot points or bits of dialog that my subconscious pops up with. She yelled at me this morning for being in an area writing where she all of a sudden had decided she needed to clean. I can’t help it! It’s a disease, I’m sure of it. I’ll just have to make it up to her.

Instead of watching for ‘The Mark of the Butch’ late this month, please keep an eye out for Dana’s Dilemma in late April. The third installment of the series will focus on Special Agent Dana Rossi as she tries to determine her future career and living prospects. Stay tuned!