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On Writing: Dana’s Dilemma in Process

The third book in the Morelville Mystery Series, ‘Dana’s Dilemma’ is now about 3/4 done. It’s been an interesting ride so far! Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

  1. Someone is in love
  2. Someone has a life changing problem
  3. Someone is a jerk
  4. Someone is running for election
  5. Someone runs away
  6. Someone is Amish
  7. Someone is stalking
  8. Someone is murdered
  9. Someone is framed
  10. There’s sex! (real this time, not fade to black)

Are these all different people? Are they all the same? Some of those points apply to more than one person, but which ones? Stay tuned for the book that will be released late this month to find out!

Dana's Dilemma Cover