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On Writing: Back in the Groove

Late last April my mother came to spend a week with us as a vacation away from home and obligations for herself and as a time to see our new home and what all we’d gotten ourselves into since the big move in late 2013. It rained for all but one day of her visit. She decided then that she wanted to come back again this year but she wanted to do it in the Summer when the spring rainy season was over but when we hadn’t hit the heat of the dog days yet. Guess what happened?

If you guessed that we had 19 straight days of rain in Ohio including the first five of her 8+ day visit here, you guessed right. The first few days, it absolutely poured and was miserable. It’s been the slowest kick off to summer I can ever remember – that anyone around here can ever remember. It wasn’t a very nice vacation for any of us, to say the least.

Before my vacation, I was scrambling to get Book 4 in the Morelville Mysteries Series, Hitched and Tied, completed (proofed, etc.). That didn’t happen and I didn’t want to rush it to publication as not the best book that it could be. I put everything on hold so I could relax, rejuvenate and spend time with my spouse and mother. Now that we’ve delivered my mom back home, it’s time to get back to work. Look for the book to be out about mid-month, this month.

I had thought that while I was on vacation, I’d spend a little time working on some ideas for book five and that I’d also work on plotting a spin off series. I didn’t intend to do any ‘writing’, per se, just work on some ideas and jot them down. Well, that didn’t happen. All the rain early on dampened my mood and the creative juices. When the sun finally appeared this past Thursday, I just wanted to enjoy it – finally – and so that is what I did. I did no planning and plotting and certainly no actual writing here on this blog, on Hitched and Tied or with regard to any future books or series.

I know that’s what vacations are supposed to be for recharging but I certainly don’t feel that’s what I got out of this one. It’s a shame. Hopefully, the next one will be better. My folks celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in March. They love to go to Las Vegas and my spouse and I, though we enjoy going to casinos, have never been there. We’re planning a family trip with my brothers for then. I’m looking forward to it but, until that time, it’s back to work and back to writing!