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New Ideas for LesFic – Someone Write These Stories Please!

I write lesbian-themed mysteries that some would call romantic suspense novels. Regardless of what you term them, I’m not alone in writing them. There are lots of mystery writers out there who write books with strong lesbian characters as the main character or characters. Check out Megan Casey’s Lesbian Mysteries group on Goodreads and her list of 250+ known authors of such books for an idea of just how strong the genre is.

Even more popular than lesbian-themed mysteries with lesbian and bi fans of lesfic is, of course, lesbian-themed romance. These stories are all about being lesbian and in a lesbian relationship which is natural for a romance. The fact of being lesbian though is either all-consuming in other stories about us and affects every single thing in the story or it’s a minor detail to make a character in an otherwise heterosexual oriented novel (or one that has nothing whatsoever to do with sex) seem more unique or more interesting.

I’m going to keep writing what I write because it’s what I write best and what I like to write. I like to read lots of different things though. Lots of lesfic readers out there, myself included would like to see more books about us that reach beyond the romance and mystery genres. Of my thoughts below, many have a book or two that fills the bill but, frankly, that’s all. There are lots of women out there that would read lesfic with these sorts of themes if they were available. Someone write these stories please:

  • Angst and Tragedy – A lesbian Romeo and Juliet set in medieval times or the present day. No happy ending.
  • Civil conflict – I’m not talking about writing LGBT history or herstory. I’m talking about fiction that involves civil conflict. Lesbians, young and old living, loving and fighting for a/the cause.
  • Combat – There’s so much you could do with this theme: historic, contemporary, futuristic, all girl combat units, lesbians in love in a war zone, lesbians serving in an LGBT unfriendly country…and yes, I have read the work of Catherine Wilson. I want more!
  • Death Match – Lesbians fighting to the death over a cause, over love or for honor. No happy ending.
  • Fantasy – An all lesbian or lesbian ruled society with lots of world-building (preferably as a trilogy)
  • Friendship – Complicated, interwoven lesbian friendships without a romantic element – a buddy book with a more literary slant. No U-Hauls.
  • Geekdom – High school, college and beyond, geek themes abound. How about a lesbian computer geek saves the world book or high school or college band lesbians for a YA book?
  • Lesbian MermaidsMermaids – Lesbian mermaids…what else do I need to tell you?
  • Reincarnation – A current, well known (pick one) lesbian author is actually the most recent in a line of reincarnated lesbian authors. Start with Sappho and work your way forward through time. You can bend dates of birth and death just a little if the story is good!
  • Stasis – Sci-fi genre: A girl or young woman exhibits lesbian tendencies. Parents have her committed to stasis until she can be ‘cured’. Years later, a judge orders her released. Craziness ensues.
  • Supernatural – Lesbians with superpowers
  • Lesbian WitchesWitches – Lesbian with magical powers set in the modern-day (very contemporary and not dark)
  • Unlikely Hero – Femme lesbian saving her butch girlfriend from pure evil
  • Lesbian Zombie KillerZombies/Zombie Apocalypse – Personally, I’m not a fan of the whole zombie craze but lots of people are and lots of lesbians are. You might just get me to read a zombie story that featured a hoard of marauding lesbian zombies or a gang of disparate lesbians that must band together to stop the apocalypse.

Would someone please write one or three of these? Anybody?