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New Cover Creative!

I contracted a guy I like on Fiverr recently to create a new cover for me for the second book in the Morelville Mysteries series, ‘Busy Bees’. He turned in a truly great cover yesterday morning but it just didn’t quite represent the bee theme as I use it in the story. I asked for a modification and this is what he came up with. Check it out:

Busy Bees Book Cover


Any thoughts?

For the record, the mushroom stays. That’s the trademark of the series because of where the books are based. Aside from that, I’m okay with the cover but I believe it’s missing something… bees! I would have liked to have seen a few or several flying around or on the hive.

The first effort I received was a traditional hive covered in bees. The hive was wrong for the story but the intent was there. I’m not quite sure this cover conveys exactly what I want it to.

Does this say ‘bees’ to you? Do I leave it as is or do I have bees added to the hive depiction on the cover? Any and all thoughts on the topic are appreciated. I have lots of time to work with here. I don’t expect to be done with the book until late January.