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MyLesfic is mine…and Erin’s!

It’s been a busy couple or three weeks around here. My mom was here all this past week visiting. That was fun, but now it’s back to work. Besides the three novels I’m working on (in three different series) that are in various stages of progress, there’s also the matter of MyLesfic.

MyLesfic LogoBack in July, I contacted Caroline, who managed the website and newsletter she and her wife, author Harper Bliss, started, MyLesfic. I wanted to run an ad for my then-new release, Steel City Confidential. They were booked solid then but Caroline told me I could run one in early August if that worked for me.

When the time rolled around, Caroline emailed me and mentioned to me that the newsletter my ad would run in would be the last one. She said they were unable to continue with the newsletter and site due to work and travel commitments. I asked her if they would consider letting me take it over and the rest is now recent history.

Why MyLesfic?

MyLesfic is an amazing asset to the women loving women (WLW) reading and writing community. It’s more than just weekly deals on eBooks. It’s a way for our fiction community to connect and share the words that are so important to us. We couldn’t let it just fade away.

Who is ‘we?’ That would be me and the WLW writer’s favorite virtual assistant, Erin Hodgson. I can’t do my own writing and marketing and also run the MyLesfic site, newsletter and social media sites alone. I approached her about partnering in this venture and she jumped right in. She gets why this is all so important.

Please consider joining us as we journey forward with MyLesfic and develop it to its full potential. Changes are coming…good changes. Stay tuned!

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