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Merry Christmas! Mine, So Far Has Been About Family and Drugs…

Merry Christmas everyone! If you celebrate the holiday in any form, I want to wish you and yours a very happy Yuletide season.

My wife and I are cooking today. We have family and friends coming to spend the afternoon with us. We’ve also invited the older neighbor who was the base inspiration for my villain in ‘Relic’. My neighbor certainly isn’t a villain but there were qualities there that were just very story worthy.

Yesterday we helped my sister-in-law and niece┬ámake enough appetizers and desserts to feed an Army and feed them well. I’m not totally sure why she made so much knowing what all we’re making for dinner! Oh well. The more food, the merrier.

My wife had to work yesterday, Christmas Eve. She called me about 2:00 to let me know she got to leave early and that she was on her way home. As always, she asked what I was doing. Again, as always, I was completely honest with her when I told her that I was surfing the net for drugs. After she about spit out whatever she was sipping on while she was driving, I explained I was doing research for my second book (‘Busy Bees’ will be a little more hardcore crime with a strong drug story line). I could feel her just shake her head.

That was our Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is shaping up to be just as interesting.

Have a wonderful day!